In recent years, the sharing economy has become a significant force in the business world, disrupting traditional industries and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs. One such entrepreneur who has leveraged this model to great success is James Murphy.

James and his wife Stephanie started their property business with just £5,000 of their own money and a £10,000 bank loan. They quickly realized they needed a new approach to scale their business. They began to explore the sharing economy model, which involves leveraging underutilized assets to create value.

James and Stephanie realized they could use this model to build an extensive property portfolio without owning any properties. They began approaching property owners with underutilized assets, such as empty apartments or unused office spaces and offered to manage them as short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb.

The strategy was a huge success. James and Stephanie built a portfolio of over 400 properties, most of which they didn’t even own. They were generating seven figures per month in revenue, all while avoiding the high costs and risks of traditional property ownership.

One key to their success was building solid relationships with property owners. James and Stephanie focused on creating win-win partnerships, where they would take care of all the management and marketing of the properties in exchange for a share of the revenue. They also focused on creating outstanding guest experiences, which led to high ratings and repeat business.

Another key to their success was their ability to raise funds. James and Stephanie attracted investors by demonstrating their business model’s high cash flow potential. They could also secure bank loans by using their existing portfolio as collateral.

Today, James and Stephanie’s business is international, with properties in the UK and Dubai. Expanding their consultancy business, the Global Property and Wealth Network (GPWN), to include teaching and coaching for other property entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners, has been an enormous success. 

James and Stephanie’s success story is a testament to the power of creative thinking and leveraging underutilized assets to create value. It shows that by adopting a sharing economy model, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses that generate high cash flow and avoid the risks and costs of traditional ownership. For more info, join the 120k people following James on Instagram.