CINEMA: Germán García a career full of achievements

The Venezuelan Germán Alberto García Superlano is happy for his work as a film director of Disney+’s “Polinesios Revolution”. His professionalism has earned him important recognitions such as: the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2022 for “Polinesios Revolution”. He has been the winner of 2 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards 2019 for the programs “Caminos de Esperanza” and “How long does a minute last in the life of a tortured person?”, he won the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Silver in 2017: Axn Shelby GT350, was the winner of the 2016 Pantalla de Cristal Festival for the video clip “Iguales” by singer Diego Torres as Best Video Clip and Best Casting, as well as a dozen Emmy Award nominations.

SOUNDS: Daniel Castillo comes with a lot of music

Daniel Castillo is a Venezuelan singer with an impeccable musical career. His musical career already exceeds 20 years and he has always demonstrated his great professionalism, whether as a soloist, as a member of a group or as an event producer and businessman. He has had great success with the Chimbangle Latin Band, a group of which he is the founder and which has made thousands of people dance and enjoy each presentation and celebration. Daniel is currently preparing the release of his new production with the Chimbangle Latin Band called “Dime lo que quieres tú”, which was recorded and produced by the artist himself in the recording studios “Producciones KI Records” and “Consonance Studio”. in the city of Denver, and whose final work has been carried out between Venezuela and the United States.

MIXTURES. Alberto Kretschmar a unique and successful DJ

Alberto Kretschmar after a great successful tour full of sold outs through Texas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami called “Not so comercial” name of his album, continues at home working this time doing great concert openings in his residence at the prestigious club – Rest Mayami Wynwood (Tony Dize, Alexis and Fido, Justin Quiles, Reykon, Dálmata, Noriel, Gianluca Vacci, Dj luian, PoPe Dj de J. Balvin). Alberto DjKretschmar is currently preparing his new album titled “AfrodisiAK” in which he will have great guests and excellent productions.

MUSIC: Omar Herrera a fusion artist

Omar Herrera, winner of the Latin Grammy, prepares the launch of his new record production “Tierra Mía”, in which he fuses folk rhythms with electronic sounds. She is a great fusion artist. Herrera in 2022 won the Latin Grammy as a guitarist on the album “Viviré” by the Christian artist of Mexican American origin, Marcos Witt, in the category of “Best Christian Album in Spanish”. His career is full of achievements and success only comes his way.

TELEVISION: Raúl Blanco the voice of communications

Raúl Blanco is undoubtedly a man made to communicate. “I love challenges, new opportunities, I avoid monotony. I am a professional committed to any type of work I do, I always think about the public and what they deserve to be able to give my best every day. I am honest and faithful to myself to convey security and reliability to people. No matter how scared a new challenge gives me, I don’t let fear invade me and I don’t say no, I always try. My greatest desire in the workplace is to be able to have my own late night show, in the style of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimel, or James Corden…” he said. Raúl Blanco was the star of the France TV channel. Today its future is promising in telecommunications.