Today we’d like to introduce you to Andres Tovar.

Now, in as much detail as you’re willing to share, why don’t you tell us about what you do?

Three years ago, I launched Noetic Marketer, a digital marketing agency that provides SEO, content marketing and digital advertising services to the e-commerce, professional services and higher education industries.

We launched this agency because there was a need in the industry for a digital marketing agency that provides customized solutions instead of one-size-fits-all packages. What started as a freelancing gig by building small websites for businesses quickly became a full-fletch business when our customers began asking more from me. I also noticed that many agencies out there do not provide the level of consultancy that a lot of companies need to execute the right marketing strategy and tactics. It’s been two years that I’ve been working full-time on this business, and we have helped tens of companies, big and small, and we have grown into a team of 5 people.

It’s been a gratifying experience helping marketing teams and business owners who have struggled to find true partnerships and a genuine relationship with a marketing agency that has their best interest in mind. Moreover, we have helped many companies navigate the COVID situation, helping them transition their traditional marketing strategy into digital.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful to be able to do what I do, and I have also been super lucky to work with my teammates and my clients.

Looking back, what success advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell them to continue believing in themselves and to practice discipline and consistency.

Discipline is a skill like any other that can be learned through practice, so I would tell myself to practice discipline daily. I believe discipline is one of the top skills needed to be able to achieve any goal.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

I would not be here without all the people that have supported me to this day. For this reason, it’s important we all support the entrepreneurs that we know in our life, anyway we can.

As an entrepreneur, you’re taking risks, and you’re constantly putting yourself outside your comfort zone. This is all part of the entrepreneurial journey, but if you have someone in your life who is an entrepreneur, it means a lot to all of us when you show support. Especially during COVID, sharing, commenting, telling your friends about it, every little thing helps, and we appreciate it.

Finally, how can people connect with you and learn more about what you do?

If you own a business and would like to get a better return out of your marketing budget, make sure to reach out to us via our website:

You can also connect with me via Instagram (@andresfett), or through LinkedIn (