By Carlos Camargo

The career of the journalist Ninoska Garroz has always been linked to creativity and the production of events. Ninoska Garroz is a woman of entrepreneurship. It is the fundamental pillar in the career of the Venezuelan comedian Georges Harris, who has more than 2 million 500 thousand followers on his Instagram social network without counting the millions on his YouTube channel. Nicosia does not stop creating and achieving a direct empathy between the comedian and his audience. They say “behind a great man there is a great woman”, and that saying falls like a glove to the success of Georges Harris not only in the United States, but also in his homeland, Venezuela, Latin America and Europe, where he was recently in Spain. with sold out presentations and indisputable support from its audience in Spanish. Ninoska Garroz’s influence, not only on Harris, but also on other artists with whom she has worked is unbeatable. Their ideas, their projects, their way of managing are a fundamental piece in the success obtained by their protagonists. Here is a brief history of his success.

How do you define yourself professionally?

I am a very committed person with my work. I believe that if you do not do it with passion and do not enjoy it, the result is not optimal. In this job there is no schedule, I am married to my projects and until I finish them as scheduled I do not rest. I am demanding and very responsible, and I also enjoy the process.

What would be your legacy to the new generations?

More than legacy, a piece of advice: work on what you like, be disciplined, responsible, but above all be upright, the most important thing a professional has is his career and his image. These two always precede you.

How has your influence been on the success of Georges Harris?

I consider that it has been fundamental, I have made George Harris known throughout the world. I have taken his work and that of other artists to be known worldwide. Together we have contributed wisdom, knowledge and connections along this path so that the show continues to grow, continue to multiply and continue to provide employment to those who are already part of the structure and to those who continue to join it.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

For me it is a privilege and a blessing to work in what I like, and more so outside my native country. That’s why I see myself in 5 years, accompanying George on Anglo stages, so that he shines in comedy in English. Working in both languages is one of my short-term goals for George. In addition to that, producing massive shows by international artists.

What do you think is the reason for your success as a leading figure in the career of Georges Harris?

Because I put it first on my agenda, in my interests. I am committed to the work, to its success, which in the long run is also my success. We are a great team that works to create a quality and level show for the viewer. It’s not just me, we’re a team that works hard and complements each other.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Taking the George Harris Show from a theater like the Trial Theatre, where about 150 people attended to the Flamingo Theater Bar, where 500 people attend weekly. A place that was closed for more than 20 years and that George and the entire team launched as one of the best entertainment spaces in the city of Miami. Why is that said? Because of being a place that did not have any type of activity, today it remains open from Monday to Monday with Hispanic programming and Anglo programming. No other show has so many international audiences on a weekly basis. This show is a tourist attraction in the city.
In addition to filling theaters around the world with up to more than 7,000 people.

What is your balance after so many years with Georges Harris?

The George Harris Show is eight years old and six of those years have been sold out. Currently it can be compared to any show on Broadway or Las Vegas. It already enters a category that is not simply Hispanic but it already enters an American category. This show went from being a place where Venezuelans went or where the Venezuelan emigrant community congregated in Miami to doing a show for Hispanics in the United States. The George Harris show has become a reference in the city of Miami, in the state of Florida and that is why even politicians have taken the trouble to interview him because it is not only entertainment, but also in politics they see in his show a possibility of grouping Hispanics in Miami and in the United States as that center where they express themselves and where the community manifests its culture, its way of being and its characteristics. My balance is completely satisfactory.

In your opinion, what has been the point in favor that has made Georges Harris, through his work, so successful internationally?

We have developed Public Relations and production strategies, we have created content, we have established important contacts in the medium, which have led him, together with his extraordinary talent, to fill theaters with more than 7,000 thousand people. The perseverance, discipline and trust in one another has made them known throughout the world.