Today we’d like to introduce you to Alex Hadding.

Now, in as much detail as you’re willing to share, why don’t you tell us about what you do?

In the simplest way possible, the easiest way to explain what I do is I imagine things, then execute on them. And before I go into detail, let me explain what I mean. Most people when asked this question would answer with “I’m an entrepreneur” or “I’m the CEO of blah, blah, blah”. For me, I try to do much more than that.

I work in the e-commerce and direct to consumer space. I’ve been doing this now for a little over 3 years and have absolutely fallen in love with the entire process. If I had to put titles on things, which I guess is required, I’m the Founder & CEO of Bolstered Media, a 7-figure Digital Marketing Agency, the Co-Founder & Partner of Bolstered Equity Group, a small to mid-market equity firm focused on acquisitions in the e-commerce space, and I’m the CEO of uBump, an e-commerce brand focused around the digital networking market. Additionally, I’m a equity partner and marketer for a handful of other brands. All in all, my team and I are responsible for a little over $60 Million in revenue for multiple e-commerce brands.

But again, the best way I like to put it is that I’m an imaginer who executes on those ideas. Essentially, that’s what marketing is all about. Regardless of what type of marketing. You come up with a concept, an idea, and you turn it into reality. That’s what I do!

Looking back, what success advice would you give to your younger self?

I was actually talking with a few individuals in my mentor group about this earlier today. And what’s funny is that the only thing that kept coming to mind was the concept of “Stop Waiting”.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve only recently started in my e-commerce career and boy to I wish I would have started sooner. That’s not to say that I didn’t have these ideas before, it’s just that I never acted on them until recently.

If I could tell my younger self one thing, and one thing only, it would be to stop waiting for something to happen and make something happen!

Stop second guessing yourself and start executing on the ideas, visions, goals, and dreams that you have. After all, if you don’t take the initiative to work on these who else will? It’s something that seems so common sense to me now, but a tricky concept to grasp for those just getting started out.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

My agency, Bolstered Media, is not your typical digital marketing agency. We don’t work with any and every one that asks to work with us. We don’t just take your money even though we know it’s not a right fit.

We vet through numerous aspects of your brand and business to make sure that it’s going to work for both of us.

But with this being said, I think the most gratification that I get out of anything that I do is seeing/hearing the excitement coming from our clients when they achieve their goals. That’s why I do what I do. Honestly, if it wasn’t for that intrinsic motivation, we would simply focus on our internal brands and go from there.

We want others to succeed and that’s why we offer them the best service possible through Bolstered Media.

Finally, how can people connect with you and learn more about what you do?

I’m super easy to get a hold of. Send me an email or text and I’ll get back to you within 4 hours:
(919) 279-7166