Pioneering a New Era of Barista-Quality Instant Drinks While Championing Environmental Responsibility

WHO: Award-winning beverage brand, Cusa Tea and Coffee, is revolutionizing the beverage landscape with its premium instant tea and coffee solutions. Using a patented cold-brewing and gentle evaporative dehydration process, the brand promises barista-quality flavors in every cup, instantly. With a commitment to purity, Cusa Tea and Coffee ensures every brew is free from common contaminants through rigorous testing and careful sourcing. Equally important is their dedication to sustainability through initiatives like a unique recycling program and efforts to reduce food waste by using sustainable packaging and shipping materials.

WHAT: Cusa Tea & Coffee’s unique cold-brewing process followed by gentle evaporative dehydration, promises consumers an unparalleled beverage experience. Alongside, the brand showcases its extensive sustainability efforts, from a dedicated recycling program to its commitment to reducing food waste. As such, Cusa Tea and Coffee is inviting all its patrons to join in the cause and recycle their Cusa Tea and Coffee packaging to aid in their efforts. Cusa Tea and Coffee also support other brands that would like to contribute to their mission, by supplying them with sustainably made and delicious tea and coffee.

WHEN: Cusa Tea and Coffee products are available year-round, and buyers are highly encouraged to recycle their tea bags whenever they can as their own contribution to the brand’s advocacy for recycling, sustainability and providing excellent tea and coffee to the average consumer and other brands.

WHERE: Consumers can learn more, experience the flavor revolution, and support Cusa’s sustainable initiatives by visiting Cusa’s official website and checking out their wide selection of responsibly made and great-tasting coffee and tea products

WHY: Cusa Tea & Coffee is not just another beverage brand. It’s a testament to how taste, convenience, and eco-responsibility can come together seamlessly. By supporting Cusa, consumers are not only treating themselves to a superior beverage experience but are also championing a brand that places the environment at the heart of its operations. From its innovative beverage dehydration process to its dedicated recycling program, Cusa is setting new industry standards, making it the perfect choice for those who value taste and the planet in equal measure.