In a world where digital transformation dictates the pace of business growth, Ankit Poudel stands out as a beacon of innovation and resilience. At the tender age of 21, this Nepali entrepreneur has already carved a niche for himself in the global e-commerce sector, showcasing what sheer determination coupled with strategic acumen can achieve. As the founder of 360 Funnels, Ankit’s journey from a modest start-up to generating over $14 million for 60+ e-commerce brands worldwide epitomizes a true rags-to-riches story.

Born and raised in Nepal, Ankit embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a vision to transcend geographical and economic barriers. In 2022, alongside his co-founder, he established 360 Funnels, an e-commerce agency designed to revolutionize online retail through innovative marketing solutions. The agency’s meteoric rise is a testament to Ankit’s leadership and the collective effort of his diverse team spanning three countries.

What sets Ankit apart is not just his success in scaling businesses but his commitment to fostering a community of online entrepreneurs in Nepal. Upwards Nepal, his brainchild, is now the country’s largest community for digital entrepreneurs, boasting over 400 members. This initiative reflects his belief in the power of collective growth and knowledge sharing.

Ankit’s accolades are numerous. 360 Funnels’ recognition on Klaviyo’s Partner Portal and as Postrcipt partners highlight the agency’s innovative approach and its significant impact on the e-commerce landscape. Klaviyo and Postrcipt, platforms valued at over $10 billion and $1 billion respectively, are known for partnering with agencies that demonstrate excellence and a forward-thinking mindset.

Behind the scenes of this success story were challenges that tested Ankit’s resolve. Starting with a mere $25, he faced the daunting task of building trust with international clients from a South Asian base. However, through exceptional service delivery and a strategic approach, he not only overcame these hurdles but also managed to scale his initial investment to $120,000. Ankit’s transformation from a shy, introverted individual to a confident leader and community builder is as inspiring as his business achievements.

Ankit’s vision extends beyond the immediate horizon. He aspires to manage a group of e-commerce companies, further solidifying his position as a visionary entrepreneur. His wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: leverage the internet, irrespective of your geographical or economic limitations, to build a successful business and realize your potential.

Focused on scaling his clients’ companies and his own journey from modest beginnings to achieving remarkable success, Ankit’s narrative is a compelling illustration of what can be accomplished with passion, perseverance, and a penchant for innovation. As he continues to inspire and lead by example, Ankit Poudel is not just shaping his future but also redefining what young entrepreneurs can achieve on the global stage.

Through his story, Ankit Poudel does not just share a narrative of personal success but lights a path for others to follow, demonstrating that with the right mindset, tools, and community, the possibilities are limitless.