Alessia’s Transformational Guide Hits #1 on all categories in Amazon, Empowering Readers to Unlock Their Highest Potential Through Higher self Habits

PHOENIX, AZ (July, 2024) – In a significant milestone, Alessia Citro’s debut book, Higher Self Habits: The Scientific, Strategic, and Spiritual Framework to Get Out of Your Own Way—For Good, has ascended to the Amazon #1 bestseller spot across all its categories just days after its eBook launch. This remarkable achievement underscores the widespread resonance of Citro’s transformative approach, blending behavioral science, neuroscience, psychology, quantum principles, and spirituality to help readers break free from self-imposed limitations.

Citro transitioned from being a top performer with a high-powered corporate career at Google and Salesforce to become a certified life coach and a passionate advocate for meaningful living. Her journey, detailed in Higher Self Habits, illustrates how she crafted a life of fulfillment and purpose by embracing holistic habits that integrate both spiritual and practical elements.

Empowering Change with the Higher Self Habits Method

“I wrote Higher Self Habits because it’s the book I wish I’d had,” Citro shares. Her method is not just a collection of tips but a comprehensive framework designed to help individuals step into their higher selves. The Higher Self Habits Method consists of five transformative stages:

Part 1: Aware – This stage focuses on uncovering the barriers that keep individuals stuck. Citro writes, “You’ll uncover the root programs that are keeping you stuck in sameness and will begin rewiring them to create the future your soul is being called to.” This process involves understanding resistance to change and learning to act courageously in the face of fear.

Part 2: Align – Here, readers gain clarity on their aspirational self. “Energy flows where your attention goes,” Citro notes, emphasizing the importance of thinking, feeling, and acting as your higher self. This phase is crucial for laying the groundwork for personal growth.

Part 3: Audit – To progress, one must assess what holds them back. Citro provides a framework for analyzing what works and what doesn’t, helping readers focus on areas needing change. “In order to step into a new future, we must first address the parts of us that aren’t going there,” she quotes Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Part 4: Activate – This stage is where theory turns into practice. Readers learn to design and implement new behaviors, making desired habits automatic. “This is where you’ll begin to see decision fatigue fall away as you make more and more desired behaviors automatic,” Citro explains.

Part 5: Ascend & Amplify – The final stage is about elevating one’s identity and vision. Citro writes, “Your identity thermostat is turned up, your vision is bigger, and your confidence is soaring.” This stage fosters continuous growth and higher levels of awareness and alignment.

Citro’s unique approach combines practical strategies with spiritual insights, making Higher Self Habits a must-read for anyone looking to create meaningful change in their lives. Her holistic method and relatable, inspirational style have resonated deeply with readers, propelling the book to bestseller status almost immediately.

Alessia Citro’s influence extends beyond her writing. Her podcast, inhabit, and her coaching programs have helped countless individuals unlock their potential and live more fulfilled lives. By sharing her own journey and the principles that have guided her, Citro continues to inspire and empower those seeking to align with their highest selves.

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Alessia Citro is a transformative life coach, author, and entrepreneur who empowers high-achieving women to create fulfilling lives through intentional living and authenticity. After a successful career at tech giants Google and Salesforce, Alessia transitioned to meaningful entrepreneurship, becoming a certified life coach and developing the Higher Self Habits Method. Her approach combines behavioral science, psychology, and spirituality to help individuals break free from limiting patterns and step into their higher selves.


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