Layth Samarah is the owner and chief executive officer of MintyPips Academy, a platform for learning about forex and cryptocurrencies that instructs more than 1000 students worldwide on how to use the tools to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Samarah created MintyPips Academy over ten years ago, intending to help people achieve the financial freedom they desire. Layth Samarah first started trading in 2012 but didn’t start seeing real results until early 2016. It was at that point that he became a full-time trader. Samarah used his personal trading experiences and dedicated hours of practice and work to give his students the results that they were looking for.

Icons like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, and Robert Kyosaki serve as Layth Samarah’s primary sources of inspiration. Quillian Black, who went from working at Target to becoming a multiple seven-figure trader, serves as his main source of inspiration in the field of trading and has inspired Samarah never to give up.

Young business people should seek out the ideal mentor when it comes to trade, according to Samarah. There is a reason why so many traders from different platforms go to MintyPips for training, and that reason is that this platform offers them the best chances of achieving a sustainable way of life through trading. Make sure to follow Layth on Instagram here and check out business opportunities here.