Managing partners of VP Ecom are Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught. The Amazon automation business VP Ecom charges a one-time fee to create an Amazon store for its customers that generates passive income. Clients of VP Ecom have full access to the expertise and knowledge that the VP Ecom team offers in order to rapidly and effectively build a successful Amazon business for themselves. VP Ecom takes satisfaction in developing a secure and lucrative investment vehicle designed to improve the lives of regular people who are prepared to invest in their future and selves. In order to manage a successful business for both the company and its clients, VP Ecom’s overall objective is to build a long-term business. According to their business model, which prioritizes and looks after their clients, VP Ecom is on course to overtake Amazon as the top automation operator in the US.

In order to guarantee that their clients receive precise, significant results that other businesses cannot compare themselves to, they offer a one-time investment and a straightforward profit-sharing arrangement. There are no monthly service costs or yearly renewal fees, and they are the only Amazon automation service that offers a full refund. Their company is based on the principle that they cannot succeed financially unless their customers prosper, and this motivation underpins the success of their Amazon stores. They prioritize the needs of their clients and, thus far, have achieved a 100% client success record. Despite receiving hundreds of applications every day, they are only able to accept a small number of clients each month due to the success and rapid growth of their automation business.

The vast clientele list of people who have placed their trust in the business and collaboration of VP Ecom represents the company’s greatest achievement so far. To exceed their client’s expectations, they have invested several six figures in books, courses, events, coaching, and mentorships. By utilizing online retail sales, they have created a multi-seven figure Ecom automation business that assists Americans nationwide in creating 100% automated passive online income streams. The majority of their clients, who initially had no passive income, now generate $5,000+ per month from a single investment in their company. The real success of VP Ecom comes from its ability to assist common working-class people in boosting their income so they can lead lives of independence and autonomy.

VP Ecom has had its fair share of difficulties despite its fair amount of achievements. The expansion of their infrastructure and modifications to the terms and conditions of their selling platforms have been a barrier. The owners of VP Ecom, Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught make it a point to get out of bed every day and take care of any problems with their customer accounts in order to maintain high expectations and performance. In their ten-year business careers, Porter and Vaught have launched other enterprises in addition to VP Ecom. They have consistently struggled to advance and develop both as individuals and as business entrepreneurs. They have employed their professional experiences to help their businesses and clientele avoid making the same errors. Their mantra is “Failures and problems are only opportunities to grow.”

The goal of VP Ecom’s five-year plan is to increase its clientele base to over 1,000 clients and have them become the most profitable clients in the industry. They intend to offer other passive income alternatives, such as passive Forex and Real Estate investments, in addition to Amazon automation. They have a goal to have both a 100-million-dollar commercial real estate fund and a 100-million-dollar forex fund.

People who have built companies that serve thousands of people and assist their clients in living their best lives and becoming the best versions of themselves around the world served as Porter and Vaught’s motivation for creating VP Ecom. Check out Mark Porter and Daniel Vaught’s official Instagram here (Mark) and here (Daniel), and check out his official website here.