Becoming a Hall of Famer in 2021 is something that Vernon “V-LO The Maestro” Wiggins always dreamed of becoming. This past year he was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Spoken Red Honors. The Hall of Famer stated, “I work hard every single day without taking any days off”. This is an achievement that Maestro undoubtedly earned through his hard work. 
Whether it was seeing him on a magazine cover or on a billboard Maestro was seen in almost every place you could think of. He graced the cover of Stardom101 Magazine for the first time ever. He was placed alongside 50 Cent in an article inside the magazine. His magazine cover was also placed on several billboards across the United States. 
Maestro also has a nonprofit company called The Maestro Foundation. His nonprofit organization provided toys to every child in his hometown of Washington, Louisiana. The media was at the event to capture all the great moments and Yahoo News picked up on the story. Every child in his hometown enjoyed a great Christmas this past year. 
In this new year Maestro is all about creating jobs and more opportunities for people. He is set to executive produce a new movie under his MG Films production company. He stated, “I know this film will create a lot of opportunities for some very talented actors”. He hasn’t revealed a whole lot of information about the project as of yet but it is projected to be underway in 2022. 

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