Arthur’s passion for technology was ignited in 2003 when he took his first coding class in high school. Little did he know that this initial spark would lead to a career that would impact the lives of countless individuals. He delved into coding, teaching himself the ropes, and laying the foundation for a journey that would encompass various facets of technology and education.

During his formative years from 2003 to 2005, Arthur put his burgeoning skills to work by taking on projects for friends on platforms like Xanga and Myspace. This early foray demonstrated his ability to leverage emerging platforms for creative and technical expression. At the same time, he began tutoring students around his age and younger through the Charosa Foundation, a pivotal experience that not only expanded his technological know-how but also honed his capacity to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner.

Arthur’s unique combination of technology and education became a recurring theme in his career, laying the foundation for his future achievements as a mentor and educator. However, his journey was far from smooth. In 2008-2009, he confronted a dark period marked by personal and professional setbacks, leading him to contemplate suicide. This moment of despair on the Brooklyn Bridge would be a turning point that revealed the depths of his resilience.

In 2009, amidst personal upheavals, including marriage and the imminent arrival of a baby, Arthur sought stability and purpose by enlisting in the military. Military life, with its discipline and life-and-death stakes, sharpened his multitasking and coding skills. It also ignited an entrepreneurial spirit within him. In 2010, he began freelancing as a web developer to support his family. This decision not only provided financial stability but also laid the groundwork for his future ventures. His exceptional ability to manage both military duties and a side hustle as a web developer underscored his dedication and skill.

Arthur’s post-military career was marked by rapid growth and diversification. After leaving the Navy in 2016 due to an injury, despite being recognized as Senior Sailor of the Year, he transitioned to full-time freelancing. To supplement his income, he took on gigs with Uber and DoorDash while continuing his education in coding through bootcamps and college classes. This intensive period of learning and skill application led to his first six-figure years as a freelancer, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Between 2018 and 2020, Arthur’s career took another leap forward as he began contracting as a Software Engineer at various startups. His unique blend of freelance experience and technical expertise made him adept at tackling complex tasks quickly, a trait highly valued in the fast-paced startup environment. During this time, he also embarked on ambitious side projects, including the development of a programming language, MambaScript, and a frontend framework, Kofujs. These endeavors showcased his innovative spirit and contribution to the tech community.

In late 2020, Arthur co-founded a startup, 7th Ave, which successfully raised $3.5 million in venture capital. This venture expanded his experience in the business side of technology and venture capital, underscoring his ability to lead and innovate. Despite the eventual closure of 7th Ave in 2023 and a personal tragedy that forced him to move back to Atlanta, Arthur’s resilience and adaptability shone through as he took on a role as a Tech Lead at Astranis Space Technologies. There, he contributed to the launch of their first satellite, Arcturus, further solidifying his impact on the tech industry.

Throughout his career, Arthur has remained committed to education and mentorship. He has taught almost 1,000 students in web development and software engineering, helping hundreds to not only break into the tech industry but also achieve senior-level positions and six-figure salaries without a computer science degree. His approach to teaching, characterized by accessibility and real-world applicability, has made a lasting impact on the tech community.

Arthur Bernier Jr.’s story is one of overcoming adversity, continuous self-improvement, and making a significant impact through technology and education. His journey from a self-taught coder to a respected technologist, mentor, and entrepreneur embodies the transformative power of resilience, learning, and community support. It’s a narrative that inspires hope, encourages continuous learning, and highlights the importance of giving back to the community.

As we delve into the future envisioned by Arthur Bernier Jr., we encounter a world shaped by his passion for technology, education, and entrepreneurship. In this vision, he sees himself as a trailblazer, continuing his journey of making waves in the tech industry.

At the heart of Arthur’s vision lies the aspiration to found a successful tech company. Drawing upon his extensive experience in software development, project management, and startup leadership, he seeks to establish an organization that not only thrives in the competitive tech landscape but also addresses significant market needs and problems. The core principle guiding this endeavor is the fusion of innovative technology solutions with a rock-solid business model. The aim? To leave an indelible mark on the industry, reshaping the way we interact with technology and solving real-world challenges.

Another chapter in Arthur’s vision unfolds with the idea of hosting the number one tech podcast on YouTube. This endeavor is an extension of his mission to broaden his influence and reach, all while deepening our understanding of technology. The envisioned podcast will be a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the intricate world of tech. Complex concepts will be demystified, and industry insights will be shared with a global audience. What sets this podcast apart is its commitment to highlighting the human side of technology. Beyond trends and discussions, it will feature engaging interviews with leading figures in the tech world, providing an intimate glimpse into the minds that drive innovation.

Complementing his podcast venture, Arthur aspires to found a venture capital (VC) fund. Drawing upon his extensive experience in raising capital and his profound understanding of the startup ecosystem, he envisions a fund that supports and nurtures emerging tech startups. This fund will not merely provide financial support; it will also extend mentorship and strategic guidance to help these startups navigate the challenging waters of entrepreneurship. Arthur’s goal is to empower the next generation of tech visionaries, equipping them with the resources and wisdom needed to succeed.

In essence, Arthur Bernier Jr.’s vision is a tapestry of ambition, innovation, and education. It reflects his desire for personal and professional growth while remaining deeply rooted in the conviction that technology can be a force for good in the world. His future is one where the boundaries of possibility are constantly pushed, where knowledge flows freely, and where the tech industry thrives through a harmonious blend of innovation and mentorship.