Just a short ride on the PATH train from the World Trade Center, City Swipes in downtown Jersey City offers an oasis for creative souls. This unique studio, founded by Carri Louise Degenhardt—who left a successful career on Wall Street to pursue her passion for art—invites everyone to dive into the world of fluid art.

Fluid art is the star at City Swipes. Imagine pouring vibrant acrylic paints onto a canvas and watching them swirl and merge into stunning patterns. It’s a mesmerizing blend of control and spontaneity, science and creativity. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a complete beginner, City Swipes welcomes you to experience the freedom and joy of fluid art.

“Fluid art is about letting go and finding beauty in the unexpected,” says Carri. “At City Swipes, our mission is to create a space where everyone can discover the joy of creating and connect with their inner artist.”

City Swipes offers various ways to experience fluid art. You can drop in for a casual session, perfect for a quick creative escape. For those who want to delve deeper, there’s a 7-week course that covers the science and techniques behind fluid art. The studio also brings art to beautiful locations, like the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey, through pop-up workshops.

People who visit City Swipes often leave transformed. One participant shared how they arrived feeling stressed and left feeling refreshed and inspired. Creating art in a supportive community can be incredibly therapeutic.

City Swipes is all about community and collaboration. Workshops and classes encourage participants to connect and share their passion for fluid art. This sense of community extends online with a vibrant YouTube channel, where Carri shares tips, tutorials, and a behind-the-scenes look at the fluid art process.

City Swipes recently launched “Swipes Wanderlust,” taking the fluid art experience on the road. This summer, you can join pop-up workshops, a sunset open-air art event, and a limited-enrollment retreat in Cape May. These events provide a unique opportunity to deepen your creative practice in an inspiring setting.

City Swipes invites you, whether you’re a local or visiting from afar, to explore the transformative power of fluid art. Discover your creativity, connect with a vibrant community, and unleash your inner artist in a world of swirling colors and endless possibilities.

For more details and to book your session, visit City Swipes. Embark on a journey of creative discovery and let the vibrant chaos of fluid art inspire you.