Ty Scott didn’t care about fame as much is he cared about working hard and creating. After suffering a  football injury in 1992 in the game against Clemson University, he spiraled into a deep depression. This lead to him  leaving UNLV, becoming homeless for eight months, and refrained from watching the NFL for seven years. His  football career as he knew it was over. A year later he relocated to Los Angeles to start interning for his cousin  Tracey Edmonds. He had always had a knack for music; which not too many people knew about and was given the  opportunity to let his light shine. Soon after in 1995, he had a child and would travel back and forth from Vegas to  Los Angeles to help raise his son and nephew. Having a chance at that internship afforded him opportunities he  never thought possible. 

Being in the presence of Tracey and her then husband Kenneth (Babyface) Edmonds, Ty was able to  touch royalty while building and learning. Tracey started her record label YabYum, and recording studio, Tracken  Place. One of their first artists was the singer Jon B., who was the first artist Ty worked with under YabYum. He  was promoted from intern to assistant A& R while working under Cecil Chambers and Angelo Sanders. During  the time Ty was living in Compton, one day while leaving his house, Tupac was outside of his car listening to  music. That started a relationship with Ty, Suge Knight, Tupac, and Death Row Records which assisted in  Tupac’s feature on Jon B’s, ‘Are You Still Down,’ which propelled not only his career, but everybody involved in  the project. Tracken Place’s house mixing engineer was Grammy Award winning Dave Pensado and Ty worked  alongside of him with every major artist in the industry when they recorded there.  

One night while at Tracken Place, in one of the most memorable sessions Ty has ever had, included Tupac, Guy, Jodeci, Danny Boy, Ginuwine, several other artists, including Brandy who brought her brother Ray  J. He was only 14 years old at the time, but he and Ty were able to curate friendship and business partnership that is  still intact and growing today.Rodney Higgins, a staff writer for YabYum, had a meeting with Chaka Khan’s  company, Raeven Productions. He asked Ty to come with him and while in the meeting, Chaka’s sister Tammy started to play instrumentals and Ty began to hum and freestyle along to seven different tracks. They were so  impressed, they signed him to a publishing deal on the spot. Through Raeven Productions, Ty got to work with  talented producers such as Steve Kipner, who broke 98 Degrees and Christina Aguilera, David Foster, Robert  Palmer, and John Lewis Parker, who became Ty’s mentor. Through them Ty learned the fundamentals of  songwriting, different tones, genres of music, and how to bring life to each song and longevity to his career. 

Ty continued to have amazing experiences and as he continued on, he built and promoted the brands of  other famous celebrities on a daily helping some with artist development, vocal production, and connections early in  their careers. From Neyo, to Tyrese, Meela from 702, Omarion, Porscha Coleman from The Parkers to Carmel  Echols, from Disney and a member of Kanye West’s choir, and Drew Sidora, currently on Bravo’s Housewives of  Atlanta. Babyface bought Ty out of the publishing deal with Raeven Productions and signed him to Edmonds  Music, where he is currently an Executive of Edmonds Entertainment. 

Rick James was like a Godfather to Ty thanks to his daughter Tye James and being in his presence led to  him meeting legends like Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Natalie Cole, and Bobby Womack. From there Ty forged a strategic partnership with CMX Las Vegas as the Executive President of Entertainment. His Co Executives there were Eddie Griffin, Quadree El-Amin, and the Brown Brothers. CMX partnered with Don  King, to produce seven boxing matches including the fights between Roy Jones vs Antonio Tarver, and Winky  Wright vs Suga Shane Mosely.  

He has fond memories of the greats he’s worked with that are no longer here with us that left a lasting  impact on his life after experiencing them. He was close to rapper DMX, who introduced him to Aaliyah at a club  one night while they were filming ‘Romeo Must Die’. He has also worked with Michael Jackson and Prince. He  negotiated CMX funding for Kanye West’s first promo tour where John Legend was still just a piano player.  

He wasn’t only versed in music; but also, in business fashion, and movies. His IMDb speaks for itself. He  executively produced the movie ‘Sprinter’ with Jada Pinkett, Will Smith, former NBA player Richard Jefferson.  Ty also brought on Neyo as an Executive Producer on ‘Sprinter’ for his musical contributions. 

Tai Savet, a close friend of Ty’s and “someone you should know,” brought Luciano, Owner and CEO of  Alpha Magazine, to his office one day and a massive brainstorming session began. Ty was appointed Managing  Director of Alpha Magazine. He then brought on Clifton Alexander to relaunch the Alpha Magazine website to  and push the digital side of the magazine. Ty’s earlier vision was just about the magazine, but over time he and  Luciano has turned it into a brand. While the digital side is up and growing strong, a product line was started that  includes clothing, handbags, facial creams and more to come. As the Managing Director, he is also looking to  further advertise the magazine to expand demographics to a younger audience and become “Vogue on steroids.” 

Ty is known for helping people to land endorsement and sponsorship deals. He was a brand ambassador  before that role was even heard of. Ty has always been focused on enhancing the lives of others around him and  continuing to reach new heights of his own. Not only did Ty improve the lives of others, he had friends that assisted  in improving his as well. He would like to give a humble and special thanks to Tracey Edmonds, Babyface, Chaka  Khan, Tammy McCrary, Tye and Rick James, Cecil Chambers, Big Jon Platt, Big Tank, Jimmy Stewart, the  late John Atterberry, Demetrius Spencer, John Lewis Parker, Byron Booker, Dwight Freeney, Aaron WestJason Edmonds, Flipp Montgomery, Ray J., Eric Brown, Shaquille O’Neal, Jerrod Washington, Jennifer  Davis, Enchantee`, Samadhia, Dana Barros, April Coleman, Kristena Deyon, Dave Pensado, Ethiopia  Habtemariam, Michael & Rickey “DP” Brascomb, Manni Edwards, Jay Brown, Donna Caseine, Kiridis,  Brian Postelle, Clarence Avant, Dave Brown, P. Gordy, Skoskie, Sincere, Pierre Desrosiers, Marc Edwards, Big Nu, Big U, Waah Dean, Luciano, Tye Saivet, Keith L. Craig, Earlisha, every producer, assistant, plug,  publisher, write,r and engineer he’s ever worked with, family, friends, associates, and anyone else that’s “got him a  check”. And if he forgot anybody, please charge it to his mind and not his heart.  

Here’s a closer look at the upcoming ventures Ty will announce later this year and more information can be found at https://www.tyswaggalee.com  


*CEO of: Single Life Entertainments, FlippedOut Entertainment, AllCity Transportation, Aim High Cares, Petty  Records 

*Book of Manifestation which will include personal testimonies of how to meditate and heal which will be released  later this year along with four more books 

* Multi-million-dollar Entertainment Deal with Africa and Thailand 

* Producer for College Hill Celebrity Edition, which is slated to air after the 2022 BET awards, June 26th, 2022 * Strategic Partnerships: ‘Big Tank’ Derek Thornton who is the music supervisor; Marc Edwards whom with  he co-owns a custom design cannabis accessory company with the gold, silver, platinum, diamond, emerald, and  other custom items through the High Design Group;  

*John Hopkins Hospital in testing stages to create CBD and THC products that are more absorbent into skin  instead of the liver (topicals) with a company Ty is a consultant for. 

* Single Life Entertainment: Entertainment & Media company 

* Black Hemp Enterprises: working on deals in Congo the supply hemp crete used to make clothing and build  homes 

* Grounded: Will provide a space for people to become one with the earth through motion, to open in 2023 *Ray J’s Troniks Network and RayCon Global 

* Black Owned Film and Media Distribution Company, Porter Craig Distribution: to release over 100 films,  documentaries, and movies over the next year along with starting a concert series in Canada and India (Bollywood) * Teaming up with Cecil Chambers for new film starring John Travolta and rapper Quavo titled, ‘Cash Out’ to be  released in 2023 

* Aim High Cares Nonprofit Organization: to teach financial literacy to minority communities and build schools,  vocational, and or trades, while paying students for getting good grades 

* Ovations Entertainment: Comedy with M.O.B. tour starts in 2022 

*Assisting Tweetie Prarat with first full female mechanic program to teach girls mechanical and auto repair skills  at Washington High School in Los Angeles 

* Artist Development: bookings for events and concerts and continuing to develop artists such as Benny, Dub, Ben  James, Nessasary, Pretty Boy Key, Kelly Douglas, Mina Murai, and Aricka Gluck 

* Talking SHHH with TySwaggalee & Cammi B Podcast On All Platforms: Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/show/20csjy7fiwGTiB0pw1dsr7 Anchor: https://anchor.fm/s/10436740/podcast/rss Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/talking-shhh-with-tyswaggalee-cammi-b/id1599370858 Google: 

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