7.) Derren Brown – $75,000 per show.   Derren Brown is a British mentalist that has performed hundreds of sold out touring shows. You can watch his Netflix special “ Sacrifice” on live TV. He is the 7th highest paid performer of magic in the world. To have Derren Brown show up at your party would cost a pretty penny. 

6.) Michael Carbonaro- $95,000 per show. This American magician and prankster had the hit TV show “The Carbonaro Effect”. He’s recently scored a Vegas show ( replacing Penn and Teller whilst they are on tour in Australia). He is therefore the 6th highest paid magician in the world. If you want to book this world famous TV magician, it will certainly cost you more than a carbonara at the local Italian. 

5.) Dynamo – $120,000 per show. Dynamo is a street magician from Bradford, world renowned for cutting edge illusions and his TV special “Dynamo – Magician Impossible” where he presented miraculous feats around the world, such as “Walking across the River Thames”. Dynamo also sold out a world tour in 2018.  This makes him the 5th highest paid magician in the world. He maybe on the face of Pepsi can, but if you want Dynamo to appear in real life at your next corporate event or birthday party, be prepared to make a dent in your wallet. 

4.) David Blaine – $150,000. DB is a daredevil magician and endurance artist, born and bred in New York. He is one of the original TV magicians, with his original series: David Blaine, Magic Man- becoming a world hit! He has recently gone on to do a US tour, shows all around the world, and stunts such as “Holding his breath underwater in front of live audiences” and not eating for 42 + days, as he lived in a box above traffic above the Thames in Tower Bridge,  Central London. If you want a top magician for your next event- you too will need to be a daredevil to fork out the six figure fee to have David Blaine perform in person. 

3.) Criss Angel- $175,000. Criss Angel is a Mind -Freak, making most of his money from his Las Vegas residency which was awarded the number one show in Las Vegas, breaking box office records. You can see him at his Planet Hollywood show. Criss Angel is the number 3 highest paid event magician in the world. Although his name is Angel, you will need to pay a rather devilish fee to have this world renowned star of magic perform magic at your event. 

2.) Julius Dein- $250,000  – Julius, 28 years old, has risen up as the number 1 most followed magician in history, with over 60 million followers across his channels and over 50 billion views to date, trumping all TV and broadcast views collectively.  London magician Julius Dein has performed magic all over the world, from the slums of South Africa to the glitz and glam of LA. Julius’s brand involves traveling globally, bringing magic to the farthest corner of mankind. Julius posts his street magic clips across social media.  As well as being a magician, Julius Dein  is also a social media entrepreneur- Dein’s magic products have sold tens of thousands globally, and in 2021, Julius Dein had the number 1 most viewed FB page in the world. This makes Julius Dein the second highest paid magician for private events in the world. Julius maybe magic, but he’s not quite billionaire status yet like our final magician…

1.) David Copperfield NA– our editors were unable to find sources of  David Copperfield’s fees to perform magic at private parties/ events. Despite being just 65, David Copperfield is the first magician to have reached billionaire status, owning real estate across the world ( and his own private Island). Whilst we were unable to find his fee to perform magic at private/ corporate events, guests pay six figures a night to stay at his private island. It is assumed that Copperfield is unavailable to perform magic at private parties, as his time is dedicated to Las Vegas. He is recognised by Forbes as the wealthiest magician in the world.  Copperfield played 700 + shows at the MGM Grand, doing more than $100 million a year in sales.