Published on: Apr 11, 2024

By: Donnell Brown II


Andrea Machado is undoubtedly passionate about architecture and she likes to make contributions to the union. She has prepared writings as academic contributions which have managed to capture the interest of recognized specialized media in the industry, which has earned them publication by the New York Review of Architecture and by the Colombian Chamber of Construction Valle section, in Colombia.
For example, the prominent architect produced an article that she called “Simón Vélez’s vegetal steel has arrived at the Cali Botanical Garden.” The text in question says:
“Colombian architect Simón Vélez has introduced guadua, known as “vegetable steel”, into the Cali Botanical Garden with the construction of the Mirador tower. This innovative structure highlights the resistance and versatility of guadua, combining it with other materials such as concrete and brick. Guadua, with its tubular cross section and longitudinal fibers, offers strength comparable to steel or concrete. Vélez, internationally recognized, has left his mark on more than 200 buildings in several countries. The Mirador tower, a tribute to the Cali cliffs, offers a unique experience to appreciate the biodiversity of the Botanical Garden. “The architect Andrea Machado Romero, impressed by this work, invites everyone to discover the beauty and innovation of guadua under the expert hand of Vélez.”
Without a doubt, her vocation for architecture goes beyond the practical part; for her, information and written expression about the architectural world is a branch that she is passionate about and making it known is part of her legacy.