In the resilient heart of Detroit, where dreams are woven between the challenges of concrete realities, Constance Brooks emerged as a beacon of hope and innovation. Her story is not merely about entrepreneurship but a vivid tapestry of faith, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in the power of dreams, regardless of age, race, or background.

Constance, a visionary entrepreneur and a woman of color, embarked on a journey that would transcend the ordinary. Her creation, Cozie Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, became more than a product; it was a manifesto of her faith in action. Guided by the principles she nurtured at Global Empowerment Ministries, under the tutelage of her mentor, Arthur Cartwright, Constance’s venture was imbued with a divine purpose.

“I listened to him and applied myself,” she reminisced, echoing the profound impact of her spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.

Her unwavering faith was the cornerstone of her success. Cozie Dryer Sheets, with their enchanting fragrances, didn’t just compete with giants like Bounce, Gain, and Downey; they represented a groundbreaking achievement for minority-owned businesses in the industry. Cozie stood out not just on the shelves of seventy-five stores across Michigan and Ohio but in the hearts of its users in sixteen states nationwide. It was a testament to Constance’s belief that with faith, nothing was impossible.

constance brooks

But Constance’s story is about more than breaking barriers and setting benchmarks. It’s a narrative deeply rooted in creating opportunities for others, particularly those marginalized by society. She not only navigated the complexities of entrepreneurship but also paved the way for others to follow. “As a woman of color, I’m showing the world that nothing is impossible,” Constance declared, her journey a beacon of hope for many who dared to dream.

Her ultimate vision extends beyond the success of Cozie Dryer Sheets. Constance dreams of a future where her business can offer a lifeline to the unemployed and the formerly incarcerated—a vision inspired by her faith and commitment to social justice. She envisions opening her own distribution center in Detroit, transforming Cozie into a household name while uplifting the community that nurtured her dreams.

Constance Brooks’s journey is a powerful testament to the strength of faith, the courage to dream big, and the impact of creating opportunities for others. Her story transcends the narrative of entrepreneurship; it is a celebration of determination, faith, and the indomitable spirit of a woman of color making her dreams come true. Constance and her Cozie Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets are not just part of the entrepreneurial landscape; they are pioneering a legacy of hope, opportunity, and transformation in Detroit and beyond.

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