Social Media, movies, and yes, Reddit have helped to popularize stock trading in recent years. With everything from the Wolf on Wall Street, Meme stocks, Elon Musk and of course, social media gurus showing off their fancy cars and lifestyles, trading and investing in stocks has become mainstream. Of course, like everything in the information era, this increased interest has also bought an increase in coaches and trading gurus who are happy to charge for access to their trading communities. While there is certainly money to be made in this industry, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced traders looking to share their tips of the trade – it is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out those that are the real deal from others that are not. Yossi Trades is one of the real ones. With over a decade of trading experience, he has spent the last few years sharing his information with others with one simple goal – to educate and enable others to make real money through the stock market. Here’s his story.

Community Recession

Yossi began trading when the pandemic first hit in 2020. While it was certainly a challenging time for many, it was also a time of unforeseen gains in the stock market. “During the pandemic, everyone and their mother was making money.” The fast rising bull market led many people to go all in on the stock market. “Friends were refinancing their homes, putting their savings into the market then it all changed. I remember seeing everyone in my synagogue become extremely depressed.” This depression was due to the extreme losses they were seeing as the market plunged into a bear market. Up until now, Yossi had kept his trading pretty under wraps, no one knew how he made his money. That all changed as he saw many of his friends struggling to recoup their losses. “One friend came to me and told me he had put $200,000 in the market and now had less than $80,000, he wanted advice.” That was a swinging point in Yossi’s life. As he continued to help those close to him, he suddenly found himself presented with a unique opportunity – helping others to find success in trading and protect their savings.

Uprise Trading

The next few years opened Yossi to another level of success. “I started building communities on Whatsapp. One chat turned to two, then two into five. At one point, I was leading a telegram chat with two or three thousand individuals.” Over the period of a year, Yossi had become quite influential in the trading community. That’s when he realized he had to make some changes. “Up to that point, we had done everything for free, but I saw something. I saw that those that did it for free weren’t as committed. We also saw that just sending trading alerts wasn’t good. People were losing out because they missed the alert.” To address this issue, Yossi and his partner Sam Jacobs decided to start formalizing the community. Now with a paid membership, an official discord channel and more education opportunities, Uprise Investing is looking to make a bigger and long lasting impact in its community.

Giving Back is Good For Everyone

As he continues to grow his community, Yossi is motivated to grow by one simple goal. “I want to keep busting and helping other people until the legacy is there.” What is his legacy? Being known as someone who kept putting good into the world. “When you put good into the world, the world gives you good back.” That’s why Yossi is extremely committed to his students. “We do things very differently. While some communities are little more than an alert system. We go above and beyond to offer continued education so that our students can learn to trade on their own.” The first step that he suggests to all of his students is starting small and trading on a practice account. “I’m very strict with our students because we want to set them up for long term success. His unique approach has worked as his community regularly posts trades from $1000 daily profits to millions.”

Want to Work WIth Yossi and Uprise Investing?

Uprise Investing offers four membership programs to meet everyone’s needs. From their free membership to their one-on-one program, Yossi and his team has created a community that encourages growth for every level of trader. If you are interested in working with his team and joining his community, you can visit for more information. You can also follow him on Instagram for more daily trading inspiration.