In the vibrant world of entertainment and academia, James Chike Nwankwo, aka DJ Virall, emerges as a trailblazer from the heart of Anambra State, Nigeria. As a seasoned DJ and MC, his influence extends far beyond the dance floor, reaching into the realms of research and philanthropy.

DJ Virall’s journey is as diverse as his skill set. Hailing from Orumba North LGA, he not only spins beats globally but also immerses himself in rigorous research as a PhD student. His academic prowess shines through multiple published articles, with a standout piece dissecting the impact of Industry 4.0 on Africa, Eastern Europe, and the US.

Beyond the turntables, DJ Virall is a beacon of innovation. Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, he didn’t just pivot his career; he extended a helping hand. His philanthropic endeavors, especially towards underprivileged children, and mentorship programs for aspiring DJs, showcase a deep commitment to giving back to the society that shaped him.

Working with giants like Coca-Cola and collaborating with influential personalities such as Sucre and Ooni of Ife, DJ Virall’s portfolio is illustrious. His stints as the official DJ for academic institutions like the University of Ibadan and University of Glasgow underscore his versatility. Currently, he commands the Afro club scene in Moscow, sharing the stage with international artists like T-Flow.

DJ Virall’s article on Industry 4.0 has become a scholarly sensation. PhD holders, professors, and esteemed journals seek his insights, reflecting the profound impact on academia. His empowering philosophy, advocating success in multiple fields simultaneously, echoes loudly, inspiring those navigating the delicate balance of education and entertainment.

With a staggering 17,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Threads, DJ Virall’s digital footprint speaks volumes. Beyond entertainment, these platforms serve as hubs for empowerment and community building, solidifying his influence in both the academic and entertainment realms.

Educated at the University of Ibadan, Higher School of Economics, and University of Glasgow, DJ Virall’s journey is a testament to dedication and excellence. Bridging his Nigerian heritage with experiences in the UK and Russia, he connects with a diverse audience, proving that borders are no boundaries for his impact.

Honored with awards for contributions to entertainment and education, DJ Virall stands tall in creating a supportive community for professionals. A proud member of the ForbesBLK community, his story resonates as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the transformative power of education and unwavering commitment to the DJing community.