In the scenic sanctuary of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, where the calm of nature collides with the lively beats of the Gold Coast’s nightlife, a musical renaissance is blossoming.

Leading this transformative wave is Sound House Music, championed by the innovative Jessica, who is fervently reshaping the way artists traverse their musical adventures.

Embarking on a New Musical Era

Jessica presents an inspiring viewpoint: “Music is destined to be a journey of victories, not just confined to streams.” This philosophy is the foundation of Sound House Music.

The platform is conceived as a grand stage where artists not only showcase their talents but also engage, compete, and celebrate their musical milestones on a global scale.

Signature Traits of Sound House Music

Sound House Music distinguishes itself with its pioneering features:

  • A Spectrum of Rewards and Opportunities: Sound House Music elevates beyond its role as a mere platform, emerging as a catalyst for musical dreams. It offers a diverse range of rewards, from mentorships with industry leaders to prized performance slots. Jessica clarifies, “We’re not just a platform; we’re architects of musical destinies.”
  • Modern Battles Anchored in Themes and Genres: Sound House Music aligns with contemporary narratives, orchestrating battles centered around global themes such as environmental conservation and pride celebrations. This innovative approach ensures the platform’s offerings are continually evolving, timely, and deeply impactful.
  • Gamified Experience Points (XP) System: Sound House Music introduces an XP reward mechanism that gamifies user participation, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. Jessica passionately invites artists, to “Collaborate with us in crafting music’s next chapter,” emphasizing her commitment to an inclusive musical future.

Exploring Jessica’s Diverse Journey

Originating from the peaceful surroundings of NSW, Australia, Jessica’s narrative is a blend of varied pursuits.

From her early endeavors as a renowned magazine and bikini model to her magnetic presence in Australia’s vibrant music venues, she has donned many hats.

Venturing into entrepreneurship at a young age, Jessica established a chic gin bar in Melbourne. Subsequently, alongside her spouse, she co-launched Border Concrete Pumping, steering it to commercial success.

Yet, the allure of music was irresistible. This led to the establishment of Sound House Music, a platform that challenges traditional streaming norms, empowering artists to carve their unique paths.

Sound House Music: Foreseeing the Musical Horizon

Sound House Music anticipates a transformative phase in the music industry over the next 2-3 years. A period where inclusivity reigns supreme and artists from diverse backgrounds are celebrated.

Platforms that empower artists will be at the forefront of this change. Sound House Music, with its ethos of diversity and empowerment, is perfectly poised to lead this transformation.

Jessica confidently proclaims, “Through music, we have the power to weave a united global tapestry, one battle at a time.”

With the curtains set to rise on Sound House Music in January 2024 and a grand gala planned for April, the anticipation is palpable.

The inaugural battle champions will illuminate the stage, heralding a significant milestone in the platform’s journey.


Sound House Music is not just a point in the vast digital universe. It’s a luminous constellation, a movement, a revolution, with Jessica at its core.

From the electrifying arenas of the Gold Coast to the inception of a game-changing music platform, Jessica’s saga is a testament to the magic that unfolds when passion finds its purpose.