Small businesses play a vital role in our communities, and this week we celebrate Small Business Week from April 30 to May 7. To commemorate this event, we contacted some of our clients to share their experiences of running a small business. At Publicity For Good, we are dedicated to serving those who serve others by amplifying the voices of impactful entrepreneurial leaders and companies around the world through PR.

We work with a wide range of clientele, including food and beverage companies, sustainable fashion brands, eco-friendly home goods companies, and non-profits. Our clients share a common goal of creating a better world through their work, and we’re honored to help them amplify their message and share their impact with the world.

Here are some inspiring quotes from them that highlight the passion, grit, and positive impact of mission-driven small businesses.

Adam Ingberman, Director of Digital Marketing at Prospector Popcorn, shared his thoughts on running a mission-driven business: “Running a mission-driven business is all about people, and our ability to impact their quality of life in a meaningful way. We attract highly motivated and talented employees that enjoy seeing their hard work result in a positive impact in their immediate community, and in many cases within themselves.”

Julius West, Owner of Sarge’s Sauce, believes that controlling progress is essential for small business success: “Our mission at Sarge’s Shrimp and Grits Sauce is to provide gourmet quality meals that can be prepared in minutes at home. As a small business owner, we have the responsibility and opportunity to control our progress, our performance, and our results. We believe success is a direction not a destination.”

Chris Langwallner, CEO of WhatIF Foods, highlighted the importance of sustainability in small businesses: “It’s simple. I want to leave this world better for my kids – and their kids! And that takes radical honesty and optimism. Incremental change won’t do. We can’t just kick the can of ‘sustainability’ down the road anymore. WhatIF Foods is our chance to reconnect with and empower farmers and their families, revitalize soil in degraded lands, and put people’s health and happiness over profits. And that mission is never complete. That’s ‘A BETTER BETTER.’”

Sarah Beddoe, founder and CEO of Love, Liv Bakeshop, emphasized the patience and grit required to change the world through a small business: “We are a small cookie business that desires to change the world. The biggest challenge is finding the patience to let it all unfold. Our passion, grit, and belief in a better world is what keeps us waking up daily with a spirit to push ahead.”

Erik Olson, President of Dignity Coconuts, embodies the spirit of small business with a big impact. “We may be small but we have big dreams! We are fighting for the little guys, the millions of coconut farmers trapped by the coconut industry. We’re providing a way out. One farmer at a time and a canister of raw coconut oil at a time we are making a big impact.”

Jai Leta, CEO of Just Jai Wear, knows the power of leading a business that’s heart-centered and driven by passion. “Leading with a heart-driven mission, I created Just Jai Wear to empower women and support breast cancer survivors. Often times many people suffer in silence, however, it takes a change agent to inspire women to be the best version of themselves unapologetically.”

In commemoration of Small Business Week and all our dedicated, passionate clients, our founder, and CEO, Heather Holmes, has this to say: “Small businesses may be small in size, but they have the power to make a big impact. As the founder and CEO of Publicity For Good, a purpose-driven company, we are honored to work with small businesses that are committed to creating positive change in their communities and beyond. Let’s celebrate the resilience and impact of small businesses this week and every week!”

At Publicity For Good, we are proud to have helped these purpose-driven small businesses grow and succeed through our PR services. By sharing their stories and promoting their positive impact on society, we have helped them reach a wider audience and achieve their goals.

These inspiring quotes remind us that small businesses are not just about profit but about making a positive impact on society. They are driven by passion, purpose, and a desire to create a better world. This Small Business Week, let’s celebrate the small businesses in our communities and support them in achieving their mission.

As Small Business Week 2023 comes to a close, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights and strategies for growing your business. At Publicity For Good, we are committed to supporting small businesses that make a positive impact in their communities and the world. That’s why we are excited to announce our new special offer for small businesses! Stay tuned for more details on how we can help your purpose-driven business thrive through digital PR.