Today we’d like to introduce you to Jasmine Alexis.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

We are changing Atlanta’s spa and date night scene! I am a Forbes Five-Star award-winning skin therapist and nail technician who curates luxury spa treatments for total body wellness, relaxation, and confidence. With a degree in Marketing (Claflin University) and Spa Management, expertise in developing luxury spa menus, and an eye for talented spa teams, I am a pro when it comes to building memorable spa days. Our new spa located in Roswell, The Jasmine Spa, was born out of 15 years in the wellness industry and is a tribute to luxury travel experiences. Building on my background at some of the world’s leading brands—including Ritz Carlton—, our destination spa guides clients, couples, and friends through personal and relaxing experiences around the globe. Some of my favorite services include advanced body treatments that target hyperpigmentation and texture, as well as date night couples’ massages that teach partners how to reconnect with higher levels of intimacy. I am a South Carolina Lowcountry native, and all about hospitality. We welcome you into every treatment with open arms and lead you towards a new state of calm.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

We’ve gotten to this point of success, after a lot of trial and error. It’s all about taking risks and learning from the experiences. I left Corporate America to start a career with the Ritz Carlton Spa Charlotte in 2011. I was a single parent with a 1 year old whose father was incarcerated. I had worked in the spa industry for years prior to this, but this was a turning point in my career. I was part of the team that opened the first nail salon within Ritz Carlton Charlotte. I later transferred to the Ritz Carlton Buckhead and became a Lead Therapist, responsible for developing the spa training program for nail technicians and estheticians, as well as, coordinating events, marketing and menu development. When I was passed up for a deserved promotion, this lit the fire in me to want to venture out on my own. I started saving money and equipment to open a suite. In 2019, my family experienced a traumatic fire and we lost everything. My son and significant other were forced to jump out of a bathroom window three floors up. Thankfully, their injuries weren’t life threatening. I was discouraged because everything I saved to open was destroyed. Our house fire and this covid experience have been a real eye-opener to the fact that life is short and not promised. Why not live your dreams now?! So, slowly but surely, I saved and started purchasing items again. And so, The Jasmine Spa was born…

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

The Jasmine Spa, is a 5-star rated spa in Atlanta, and is the only destination spa in the city! We are proud to offer an array of decadent and exotic body treatments from around the world, a tribute to luxury travel experiences. You will feel as though you’ve taken a journey to a far away destination, and didn’t take a plane or train to get there! Our Spa is an escape for our guests, even for just a few hours. We are masters of self-care and have the unique ability to anticipate guests needs and wants without them articulating them. We believe wholeheartedly that self-care is healthcare. As of late, I’ve been affectionately called, “Queen of Atlanta’s Date Night Scene,” by several of our guests. Weekly, we host “The Ultimate Date Night Couples Massage Class.” It is by far, the best date night experience in Atlanta! We teach partners how to reconnect with higher levels of intimacy through creating personalized massage oils and easy to learn massage techniques.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

I am a firm believer in the saying, “No risk, no reward.” I am no stranger to it. I’ve been a risk taker all my life! The funny thing is, my career started out in risk management and insurance claims, so for me, there’s always been an interest in assessing risk and risky situations. Although taking risks can be scary, I do believe that to a certain degree, in our personal and professional lives risks can be managed. Dedication and preparation are key. Even with the pitfalls I’ve experienced over time, the risks I’ve taken to get where I am have all been worth it. I had a plan. That’s a start.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

To me, success means achieving the highest level of happiness. Once you feel like all your efforts have resulted in total bliss and happiness, that’s how you know you’ve reached a successful state. It’s not about the money for me, it’s about being content and happy.

What’s next for you?

We just celebrated our soft opening to let the world know we are officially here! In the next few months we will celebrate with a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting. One of our goals is to educate children on the importance of practicing self-care and wellness early in life, so we are planning for a summer spa day camp. We will continue to host the best date night in Atlanta and we have a date night tour scheduled for next Fall!

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @thejasminespaatlanta to stay in the know on all of our events; or visit us online at