Published on: May 13, 2023

By: Donnell Brown II


Rocío Taboada, renowned in the industry for her music video production prowess, has joined a number of exciting projects with renowned artists. Her ability to visualize and bring to life the artistic visions of musicians has left an indelible mark on today’s music scene.


Below, we present some of the most notable collaborations in which Rocío Taboada has participated:


“Como Si No Importara” (DUKI ft. Emilia): A video that fuses the energy of trap with the sweetness of Emilia’s voice. Rocío Taboada captures the intensity of the song in vibrant and captivating images.


“Law of Attraction” (DUKI): Rocío Taboada creates a hypnotic visual universe to accompany the introspective lyrics of DUKI. The video is a sensory journey that reflects the magnetic attraction between the protagonists.


“Rápido Lento” (Tiago PZK ft. Emilia): Rocío Taboada plays with the duality of time in this video. Choreography and visual effects intertwine to represent the acceleration and deceleration of emotions.


“Midtown” (DUKI): In this video, Rocío Taboada transforms urban streets into a cinematographic setting. The neon aesthetic and camera movements create an immersive experience.


“FVCKBOI” (KHEA ft. Lenny Tavárez): Rocío Taboada explores the duality of seduction and rebellion in this video. The intense colors and bold framing highlight the tension between the characters.


These collaborations are just a sample of Rocío Taboada’s talent in music video production. Her creative vision and passion for her art make her an essential figure in the industry.