Published on: Jul 12, 2023


By Carlos Camargo

Roberto Espinoza is a young Venezuelan goldsmith who is currently based in Miami. He is a born artist. His passion was always directed towards design and plastic arts. Today she can say that her dream and doing what she loves so much is a reality. He is a featured artist in exclusive gold design. A goldsmith of that precious metal and is recognized and applauded by many.

With more than 15 years of experience, Espinoza is one of the best designers and manufacturers of gold jewelry. Each piece is unique and exclusive, tailored to the person who makes the order. There will never be several identical pieces because they are totally personalized.

His company Roes Gold is backed by a large number of satisfied customers who promote his art. They range from influencers like Marko to figures like Robert Nava, Angela Silva Makeup, Pipo Ramírez, Juancito, Enrique Faneite, Abdiel Josue González, among many others. All those who, after receiving a piece created by Espinoza, leave evidence of their satisfaction with what they have in their hands on their social networks.


To learn more about his work, you can follow him on networks like @elbeto833 and @roesgoldmiami.