The groundbreaking music video platform Revohloo is disrupting the entertainment world by partnering with renowned marketing veteran Damien “Bigg Percy” Roderick as President of Marketing. This power move promises to propel Revohloo to new heights and cement its position as an innovative leader in interactive content experiences.

Revohloo: The Future of Interactive Music Videos
Revohloo is a game-changing platform that goes beyond traditional video consumption. With cutting-edge technology, Revohloo empowers creators and brands to develop fully immersive, remixable experiences for audiences. This fosters unparalleled content diversity, deeper fan engagement, and lucrative revenue opportunities.

Key Features:
– Personalized Video Remixing for Fans
– 100% Net Ad Revenue Share for Artists’ Music Videos
– 50% Gross Revenue Share for Revohloo Videos
– Talent Discovery for Independent Artists
– Real-Time Video Commenting (Reel Comments™)

Bigg Percy: Entertainment Marketing Powerhouse
Damien “Bigg Percy” Roderick, CEO of Roderick Music Marketing (RMM), brings over 30 years of entertainment industry expertise to Revohloo. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with superstars like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, and Paris Hilton.

– Multi-Million Dollar Deal Broker
– Brand Development & Sponsorships
– Movies, TV, Sports Endorsements
– Small Business Mainstream Integration

Amplifying Reach with RevohlooTV
Revohloo and RMM are developing exclusive content for RevohlooTV, the platform’s live streaming service. This strategic move will unlock new revenue streams while showcasing Revohloo’s interactive capabilities to a global audience.

The Future of Content Engagement
Music enthusiasts, sports fans, and experience-seekers alike can immerse themselves in Revohloo’s revolutionary ecosystem. With Bigg Percy’s prowess and Revohloo’s technology, this partnership is primed to redefine how audiences engage with content and creators build their brands.

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