Pheladi Anastacia Thaba, the visionary entrepreneur behind Medim8s Pty Ltd, is dedicated to empowering lives and igniting success. Overcoming the challenges of being a foreigner, she has built a thriving business that empowers individuals and creates a positive impact.

Empowering Individuals with Medim8s Pty Ltd: Medim8s Pty Ltd, founded by Pheladi, offers a diverse range of services aimed at empowering individuals and transforming their lives. From mindset coaching to effective networking strategies, she equips her clients with the necessary tools and guidance to achieve their goals.

Persistence and Growth Mindset: Pheladi emphasizes the importance of persistence and cultivating a growth mindset. She believes that challenges are opportunities for growth and indicators of being on the right path. By embracing calculated risks and pushing boundaries, Pheladi has achieved remarkable success in her own journey.

Unwavering Routine and Personal Success: Pheladi attributes her personal success to an unwavering routine. Starting her days with meditation, early morning runs, and swimming, she sets a positive tone for productivity and inspiration. This routine fuels her motivation and commitment to personal and professional growth.

Global Expansion and Collaborations: With ambitious plans for Medim8s Pty Ltd, Pheladi envisions global expansion. She aims to transform the company into a global brand, offering trusted products and services. Collaborating with experts in various fields, including styling image consultants, travel agencies, photographers, hotels, hair salons, and even a dating company, she aspires to meet the diverse needs of individuals worldwide.

Digital Presence and Community Engagement: Pheladi’s digital presence is instrumental in her entrepreneurial journey. Through the website,, individuals can connect with her and explore the wide range of services offered by Medim8s Pty Ltd. Engaging actively with her community on Instagram (@Anastacia_PanamesterZ), she shares inspiration and valuable insights.

Inspiration for Dreamers and Visionaries: Pheladi Anastacia Thaba’s journey serves as an inspiration for dreamers and visionaries. From her beginnings as a foreigner to establishing a successful business, her story demonstrates the power of determination, resilience, and strategic marketing. Through Medim8s Pty Ltd, Pheladi empowers individuals to unlock their true potential.

Conclusion: As we anticipate Pheladi Anastacia Thaba’s future endeavors, her unwavering commitment to empowering lives and igniting success will undoubtedly lead to even greater achievements.

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