Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ryan Kane is the owner and CEO of Miami-based podcast STB Entertainment. Kane’s record labels and podcasts serve as strongholds in the entertainment industry.

The combination of college education and direct industry training helped Kane achieve success. Besides the financial rewards of his business, Kane enjoys helping other people achieve success in their lives as well. He takes great pride in working his way towards having a net worth in excess of $100 million as well as the success his business has brought him since its start.

According to Ryan Kane, to reach the level of success that you desire, you must be willing to take calculated risks. Taking advantage of opportunities is part of being an entrepreneur.

Currently and in the future, Ryan Kane credits Michael Rubin as his inspiration. Rubin has always been an inspiration to Ryan, and he hopes to follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps to create the empire he dreams of. Over the next five years, Kane will work hard to make his mark in the music industry and become a notable figure. Follow Ryan Kane on Instagram and check out his current work here to stay up to date.