Michael Jenkins, the founder of FreeLife101 Investment Group, is a living proof that anyone can achieve success with the right mindset, dedication, and hard work. Before becoming a successful Forex trader and educator, Jenkins spent 12 years as a door-to-door salesman, selling home security systems. He knew he needed to find a way to earn unlimited income without relying on someone to spend money with him, and that’s when he discovered Forex trading.

In an interview, Jenkins shared that his first introduction to Forex was through a multilevel marketing company that focused more on recruiting than education. So, he hired a coach to teach him everything he knew about Forex trading, simplified the process, and created a comprehensive program that would allow anyone to learn and profit from the skill quickly.

Today, Jenkins’ company, FreeLife101, is popular because of its successful approach to simplifying Forex trading, making it easy enough for even a child to understand. They teach parents how to trade Forex, allowing them to quit their job and teach their kids, hence creating generational wealth.

One of the most rewarding parts of Jenkins’ job is watching people leave the jobs they hated for so long and live a FreeLife like they deserve. According to Jenkins, he has retired over 300 students, had one 7-figure millionaire student, and earned his first 2 comma club award from click funnels, commemorating earning 1 million dollars in his coaching business.

Despite the challenges Jenkins faced, including growing up in a single-parent home, not doing well in school, and dropping out of college after two years, he persevered and developed a mindset of limitless possibilities. He believes that to be a successful entrepreneur, one must develop their mind to become an above-average person, attract what they think about, and be passionate about their business.

Jenkins’ success story is an inspiration to anyone who dreams of financial freedom and creating generational wealth. His ultimate goal is to build success camps all over the world, providing free boarding schools for homeless people to come get clean, reprogram their minds with personal development, get in shape, and learn a trade taught by a certified tradesman. The only requirement is to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

If you want to learn more about Jenkins and his company, head over to FreeLife101.com, grab his Free Forex Fortunes Course, and apply for coaching. Hurry, spots are limited, and his academy operates at a high 90% capacity. To keep up with Michael Jenkins make sure you follow him on Instagram.