At just 19 years old, Michael Dooley entered the car industry. By his mid-20s, he was already managing a car dealership. However, he realized that being good at sales was just one part of the puzzle. He also needed to build a strong customer base. This is how he started his journey into marketing and brand building, a decision that has changed car marketing today.

Michael’s big break came while he was starting a luxury car dealership. He began sharing his day-to-day experiences, triumphs, and challenges on social media. His videos started getting a lot of attention, and soon, other car dealerships started asking him for advice.

Before he knew it, Michael had started his own business called Pinnacle Online Marketing. He had found a special area of the market, using his personal brand and knowledge of the car industry. Today, he is known as a leader in getting car sales leads and in the community of businesses that offer software as a service (SaaS).

Pinnacle now has clients in nine different countries. Even with its success, Michael believes in staying true to yourself and not comparing yourself to others. For him, success is about setting goals that line up with your own reasons for doing something.

Michael’s journey wasn’t always easy. After he left the car dealership, he faced challenges such as bushfires in Australia and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of letting these challenges stop him, he saw them as chances to grow. He started focusing on more than just local customers and expanded his business worldwide.

However, the secret to Pinnacle’s quick growth isn’t about having the biggest customers. It’s about helping each customer and building strong relationships. Michael believes in being real and honest, which helps his customers trust him more.

Even with a successful business, Michael always makes time for his family on Sundays. He also has a great team at Pinnacle that helps him with tasks and allows him to focus on growing the business.

Looking ahead, Michael has big plans. He wants to make Pinnacle a one-stop solution for customers by adding more features to their services and software. He enjoys working as a marketing officer for other companies, bringing a fresh perspective and global expertise.

Michael’s advice for people who want to start their own business is simple but important: “Be yourself and really understand why you’re doing something. Have a plan, set small goals, and then make them happen.”

As Michael continues to grow Pinnacle and help his customers, he is having a big impact on the car marketing industry.

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