Mala Rambharose’s journey from homelessness to embracing monkhood and eventually evolving into a thriving entrepreneur is a saga of remarkable endurance and resilience. The founder of CityMonk Media, Mala stands as an epitome of the modern-day entrepreneur who dares to defy the odds and continually seeks progress and success.

The Tipping Point

The start of Mala’s entrepreneurial voyage was marked by a chance product tasting opportunity at the Starbucks’ Toronto headquarters. This unexpected event diverted her from her academic pursuits, leading her to realize her innate entrepreneurial potential.

The Power of Persistence

Mala experienced countless rejections from multiple Canadian publishing houses in her quest for entrepreneurial success. Unyielding in her determination, she delved into the world of self-publishing, distribution, and marketing to bring her children’s book, “There’s A Pebble In My Shoe,” to the public eye. This caught the attention of eminent figures in the Canadian literary sphere like Heather Reisman, founder of Indigo Books, and Brad Martin, former CEO of Penguin Random House Canada.

Overcoming Adversity with Determination

Mala’s journey was riddled with challenges, owing to her young age, gender, and limited financial means. But these hurdles only fueled her tenacity and forced her to adapt and continue marching towards her goals.

Triumphs Amid Challenges

Securing an apartment in downtown Toronto during her twenties marked a personal triumph for Mala, symbolizing her victory over her past homelessness and experiences with public housing. Her contributions to HuffPost, despite the platform’s detractors, represented a notable achievement, fortified by words of encouragement from Arianna Huffington.

From Disappointments to Spiritual Awakening

Mala’s life took a distinct turn when a series of disappointments led her to adopt a monk-like lifestyle, disconnecting from technological and materialistic pursuits to focus on spirituality and introspection. This period underscored the value of bootstrapping and the discipline it fosters in entrepreneurs.

Words of Wisdom

Mala’s counsel to budding entrepreneurs emphasizes not to shy away from working a regular job while bootstrapping their business. She asserts that depending on external investment may stifle creativity and innovation, while a self-reliant and slower pace allows for superior resource management and reduces the stress of others’ expectations.

Prioritizing Personal Well-being

Mala emphasizes the significance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She believes in the importance of rest, hydration, and regular exercise, demonstrating her focus on personal health alongside her entrepreneurial endeavors.

A Memoir in the Making

Mala is currently working on a memoir titled “Broken Telephone,” which is set to chronicle the myriad fascinating individuals she has encountered and the life lessons they have shared. The memoir promises to be a testament to her unique journey from homelessness to entrepreneurship and monkhood.

Shattering Conventional Labels

In a world often too hasty to categorize and label, Mala Rambharose stands as a figure who shatters stereotypes. Her story is a vivid depiction of determination, transformation, and unyielding resilience. It serves as an inspiring reminder of the individuality inherent in each journey to success, which all deserve recognition and respect.

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