Published on: May 11, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo


Liley Ballesteros is a great artist. Although she studied Social Communication, she always had an interest in photography and painting, but later she felt an interest in writing and today she is making her debut as a writer with a purpose.

She has focused a lot on painting. He always knew that art was part of his life and everything Ballesteros does is related to this passion.

On April 27, Liley Ballesteros held an art exhibition at The Pavilion at Doral, 3650 NW 82 Ave in Miami Florida. It was a magical night without a doubt. An explosion of color and creativity that many people had the honor of appreciating. It was an intimate event in which he was able to exhibit several of his works of art, from canvases to ceramic sculptures intervened by the famous plastic artist. In fact, in said exhibition the artist managed to sell several of her iconic works, which represents her talent, power and sensitivity.

The moment was also conducive to announcing that very soon will be the official launch of his first book called “Get excited with art” which is already available on Amazon