Published on: Oct 23, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo


An excellent accountant and auditor with an outstanding career in the area of finance, management control and auditing must have the following qualities and skills: Technical knowledge, Experience and track record, Analytical skills, Integrity and professional ethics, Communication skills, Leadership ability , Orientation to results and Perseverance and adaptability: Kiria Fede Aliendres has all this in supremacy.

Kiria Fede Aliendres is an exceptional professional. She is an Auditor Accountant with an outstanding career in the area of Finance, Management Control and Auditing. Throughout her career, she has acquired extensive experience in the development and management of KPI’s, Project Management, Business Strategies, issuance and analysis of Financial Statements, IFRS Regulations, Internal Control and Budget.

One of her most proven skills is managing the opening of commercial premises. She has successfully led the opening of several locations, ensuring that all financial and operational aspects are correctly planned and executed.

In addition, she has a special ability to detect the needs and opportunities of internal and external clients, which allows me to make assertive decisions and benefit both the organization and the clients. “My analytical thinking and team leadership help me guide and motivate my team towards achieving common objectives,” says emphatically this woman of the world, lover of discipline, perseverance and, above all, tireless planning of everything she does. .

She is a versatile and dynamic person, proactive and a lover of order. Her professional ethics are fundamental to her, she always focuses on achieving results through people management and optimizing processes to achieve greater productivity. “I am passionate about my work and I always seek to improve myself, seeking new opportunities for learning and professional growth,” she says.

In short, an excellent auditor accountant with an outstanding career and above all with a lot of drive to achieve his objectives.