Published on: Nov 2, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo

Kiria Fede Aliendres, with an outstanding career in Finance, Management Control and Auditing, provides valuable experience in KPI’s, Project Management, Business Strategies, Issuance and Analysis of Financial Statements, IFRS Regulations, Internal Control and Budget.

Her expertise in managing the opening of commercial premises is undeniable and she has successfully led this process on multiple occasions. A highlight of her is her ability to identify client needs and opportunities, allowing her to make assertive decisions. Her analytical approach and team leadership contribute to the achievement of objectives.

Kiria is distinguished by her communication skills, proactivity, problem solving, sense of urgency, order, planning and professional ethics. Oriented to results and productivity, she optimizes processes and manages people. Her ability to communicate financial concepts clearly and effectively is critical. This facilitates collaboration and understanding of financial aspects by all stakeholders.

“My analytical thinking and team leadership help me guide and motivate my team towards achieving common objectives,” emphasizes Kiria Fede Aliendres, passionate about discipline and planning.

Her commitment to excellence and her contribution to the financial world are testament to her dedication and worth. Kiria Fede Aliendres is an example of how commitment and competence can make a difference in any industry.