Publish on: Oct 3, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo

José Galavis is a prominent financial accountant who has specialized in the SAP FICO platform. Galavis has demonstrated his competence in a variety of key areas that have contributed to the success of numerous projects and companies. He has 22 years of experience that guarantee his success. To know a little more about this topic we interviewed him and look what he told us:
With over two decades of experience in accounting and finance, what do you consider to be the most important quality that has contributed to your continued success in this ever-evolving field?
Without a doubt, having passion, mystique and responsibility are the successes of my career. One discovers that skills are important and liking what you do is also important, but without passion nothing is achieved and when there is passion and you manage to mesh the energy and culture of the company with your ideals and success is guaranteed.
How do you see the role of education and training in the financial field, and why is it important to share your knowledge with other professionals?
After many years of professional work in different companies, I was always attentive to somehow returning my knowledge and experience to the new generations, convinced of the importance of education to achieve objectives and professional growth in this way to be able to teach classes and share the Classrooms are of enormous responsibility and satisfaction.