Published on: May 28, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo



Undoubtedly, Venezuela has given many prospects in the musical and sports field. In the sports case, we have Joan Fernández, a young man who, through talent, discipline, education, and a lot of perseverance, has made his work a great success, having an outstanding career as a professional athletic trainer specializing in Sports Physiotherapy in the baseball area. .


Currently, he is in charge of the physical preparation and rehabilitation area for all players at the renowned “7AR Academy Club House” in the United States. There he provides players with care in the area of ​​strength and conditioning, range of motion, biometrics, and soft tissue manipulation.


Also at said Club, he will provide and instruct the players in the body and arm care program with proper stretching techniques, band work and warm-up, taking full advantage of the recovery program that the venue has, which includes wraps Hyperice Venom vibrating heat and Normatec compression and massage equipment.


Joan Fernández has managed to obtain many merits and recognitions, one of which is winning the ring that was given to him after winning the “Venezuela Summer League” with the Houston Astros. The final of that championship was played against the Pittsburgh Pirates and they were winners.


Without a doubt, Fernández is the best at what he does and has demonstrated this throughout his professional career by working with great baseball teams both in his native country and in other countries such as the Dominican Republic and the United States.


Joan Fernández is a renowned professional athletic trainer specializing in Sports Physiotherapy in the baseball field. His great performance working with teams in this sport has earned him recognition as one of the best in his area.