Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenni Graham.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

I am the full time CEO of JCHIC LifeStyle Brand®, which is a global agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs obtain global passive profits via marketing, advertising, content, and funding strategies. I was motivated to start my company because I always had a passion for elevating communities all over the world. I knew a lot of people were in business but lacked the proper foundation to ensure that they stayed in business and more importantly made a profit. I wanted to become an entrepreneur because when I was growing up, most of the entrepreneurs I looked up to didn’t look like me. I also saw my parents struggle financially and I didn’t want the same for my children or future generations. The entrepreneurs that I did know of growing up always seemed to have a freedom that exuded from them and I wanted that. My professional experience is working in corporate America for over 20 years with my highest level job being the assistant manager of Suntrust Bank. My lived experience is failing forward and backwards, yet having the resilience to keep going and help others not to make my mistakes. My expertise was gained by college education (including Cornell University), on the job experience, and hundreds of thousands spent on personal development and business trainings. These have all led me to be well trained and with great expertise in the area my company operates in. I know provide my expertise to those who need it and are ready for elevation.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

Success definitely did not come easy. One of the main challenges I faced in the beginning was not tapping into where my true passion lied. See I always had a passion for fashion but when I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher. I put the teacher part in the background and opened a boutique. Selling clothes was easy for me because I’m a natural salesperson, but I always felt that something was lacking. It wasn’t until I started leading classes and teaching people from my experiences in business that I was truly happy. Another challenge I faced was not tapping into my target audience early on, which led me to be all over the place with my marketing, therefore not having a cohesive brand. I had to step back as I got further along in business and go back to the drawing board to build the agency I have now. One of my main challenges started before JCHIC® was founded. That was the challenge of being a teenage mother at 15 and a high school dropout. This caused me to grow up fast but it didn’t stop me. I went on to get my GED, associate’s, graduate from Cornell University, and be 4 classes from my masters degree. Moving to as state where I had no family or friends at 17 years old was a challenge as well that I had to overcome. These challenges really showed my strength and gave me the voice I have now.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

Our agency solves the problem of entrepreneurs not having the actionable skills, strategies, and techniques needed to succeed in business. Our customers are entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies. Our agency uniquely meets their needs because we are a hybrid of done for you and do it yourself services. We also have the product side of the company which provides them with a cohesive brand story and experience al the way around. Our subscription service further lends to the uniqueness of our brand because everything they need is automatically sent to them on a monthly basis which frees them up to run their business and leave the rest to us. Since we offer online services in a one to many business model, scaling is much more achievable. In our growth period we brought on extra team members so we have a core team who can get a lot done. We also host quarterly global retreats for entrepreneur and CEOs. They are jam packed weekends with daily masterminds, content curation, spa services, all inclusive luxury resort accommodations and so much more. We’ve been all over with these retreats, including domestically like Miami, LA, Atlanta, etc and internationally like Cabo, Dubai, St. Thomas, Costa Rica, etc. The reason people choose us over our competition is simply because the elite brand experience is unmatched. We are the only obvious choice and have brand VIP guests, not clients and customers. Doing business with us is a status symbol like a designer bag or vehicle.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

To find success in your life, it’s important to first define exactly what success means to you. It’s very easy to look online at other people’s lives and think that they are successful but you never know what’s happening behind the scenes. Not to mention their version of success may be totally different than yours is. It’s important to remember that success is not always monetary. Success can mean different things like freedom to live life on your own terms, more time with family and friends, or even the ability to travel as much as you want. To go a step further in defining success, it’s important to find joy in whatever you do in life. There’s nothing worse than doing something everyday and not being truly happy doing it. A lot of times people try to find success by doing something that have seen someone else do but that’s not the way to go. Being successful is doing something that lends to your passion and purpose and keeps you up at night. If you’re not all in with it, even accomplishing it won’t bring you a feeling of success. If you desire to have success in life, you have to achieve the goals that are important to you and not someone else. When you are happy in real life, success just seems to find you when you work hard towards your goals. It’s important to also have focus on what you want and don’t forget to always give back.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

Since success is the opposite of failure, success means to me a goal being achieved. No matter what that goal is, when you accomplish it, that’s success. You have to set the goal, make a plan to accomplish it, work the plan, and achieve the desired result. It’s not all about rich, wealth or fame. It’s so deeper than that to me. It means having the freedom to go as I please. It means flying more than I drive. It means being able to give something to someone everyday and never be at a loss. Success to me means being able to retire my parents. It means being able to take care of my children, even though they are grown, and then to care for my future generations. It means showing them that anything is possible with the desire, will, and determination to win. Success also means empowering others to be better in all aspects of life. It’s easy to be successful for yourself and your family but when you can positively influence others to improve their quality of life that means real success to me. We sometimes have to take a few steps back and consider our motives and if what we are aiming to achieve is only going to benefit us or others as well. My final and most important measure of success is pleasing God in all endeavors and putting Him first to ensure that all our steps are ordered in the right way with everything first.

What’s next for you?

We will be scaling and growing by challenging the competition and becoming even more of a market leader. We are doing this by carving out a deeper niche for our products and services, which involves understanding our customer needs and putting out the right messaging. We are also optimizing workflows, looking at the big picture and ensuring all processes are systematized for maximum productivity. We also are ensuring our team members have the right mindset for scalability. We are also evaluating our finances for easier budgeting, automating our processes and making sure we have the right support and core team members. The big end goal is franchises of our agency globally. All the entrepreneurs in the world need our products and services and we have already been approached about franchise opportunities. We are also working on some more program to go into the schools and colleges and give more real life trainings on business so they are further prepared when they graduate. We have many new products coming out that are going to tie into the brand so well such as planners, journals, and affirmation cards. These will bring everything full circle and will become part of the required packages for working with the agency. Also up next for us is to continue giving to the communities all over the world and empowering them to level up in all aspects of their lives. Additionally more speaking engagements and events to further push our mission and vision forward to the masses.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

We provide value in every step of our brand guest experience so connecting with us is a win for you. To connect with us further text the word brandboss to 31996 and we will send you a FREE brand guide so you can ensure your brand is set up correctly. Everyone also gets a $30 gift card to show our thanks! We will also stay in touch with you with more added value every step of the way. You can always shop online at and don’t forget to subscribe on the website for yet another freebie! and connect with us on ALL social media including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more at @jchiclifestyle. We are highly rated on Google with all 5 stars so of course you can find us on Google at JCHIC Lifestyle®. We travel globally providing our services in person as well so feel free to email for in person services.