Everyone close to him is pretty sure that he never stops. From being a poor boy in a suburb in his country to be an important referent novel writer and run a company with a great growing chart even during pandemic times. Today, we make an insight to his work.

Nationwide Speaking Tours

He graduated from High school in 1996, and from English education two years later. At the same time finished Systems and programming and began Engineering in 1998. By that time started to write poems, novels, and songs. In 2003 began to study Theology and finally got his diploma in 2009. In 2011 finished Events Production in Mexico. He had three full courses with Margaret Atwood, R.L. Stine, and Dan Brown in 2019. An MBA in Creative Writing in Spain, and a diploma of AI and APP Development in Colombia in 2021.

During all this two past decades, He wanted to start sharing his knowledge and experiences with many people and began traveling worldwide. His first visit was Venezuela in 2010, Mexico 2013. Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil in 2013 too. After a tour in Colombia, he decided to go beyond to Australia and New Zeeland in 2014. Sharing with hundreds of people in his seminars and private meetings.

He always shared all this for free and he is still doing so. Helping others just for love. Never expects to receive anything in exchange. But, due the costs of traveling and production of his material, he decided to offer his knowledge in an online academy on demand.

The beginning of the academy

The first version of the Academy Novel writers was in Jun 2020. Was just an intent to reach other young writers in America and Spain. He started with a blog where shares advise about writing and marketing for writers. After a few hundreds of posts, he decided to go beyond and make a contest for writers. The answer was great. 850 novel writers joint the first month.

There, in second stage of the academy, he began with a course of creative writing for free and almost doubled up the number of writers taking his course. At that time, he decided to support and sponsor the most talented writers in the group and made possible for them to be published.

Today more than 1500 writers are working with him every week. So today in the 2.0 version of the academy he decided to remake the first course with new material and offered a free course for 200 novel writers.

This course will start in January the 15th. And some seminars will be held in the main cities of Colombia during the first semester of the year to get closer to writers in Colombia.

All material is online

Three courses will start this month. All for novel writers and songwriters. All of them focused on creative writing. You can find them all in the official website. Everyday many new writers come to know his program and join immediately receiving the opportunity of learning and grow in his career.

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