Published on: Oct 3, 2023


By: Carlos Camargo



Horse riding is an exciting sport that requires skill, safety and control. Francisco José Herrera is an expert and also passionate about this discipline. He is a professional rider and instructor. Furthermore, a good instructor not only focuses on technique but on other fundamental aspects such as the well-being of the animal and the safety of the rider.


He is an excellent riding prospect who stands out for his skill and experience. In his native country, Ecuador, he placed himself prominently in the world of equestrian sports and has obtained important recognized participations both in his own country.


Francisco Herrera is also known for his work as an instructor, and has helped many riders, both beginners and advanced, improve their skills. He has taught classes, teaching the fundamentals of horsemanship, the technique and safety necessary to ride a horse. All this without forgetting an important point such as promoting affection, value and respect for horses in their students.



Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound”.