Embarking on an exhilarating journey into the realm of virtual reality (VR), Mr. Vasily Petrenko, the ingenious founder of Another World VR, is leading the charge into a new era. With an ever-expanding retail chain comprising 150 VR arenas across 28 countries, Petrenko’s company is revolutionizing the industry, offering an unparalleled immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional VR.

At the heart of their success lies the concept of free roam VR. Another World VR has redefined the limitations of virtual reality, enabling users to break free from the confines of wires and venture into a vast, futuristic world within expansive arenas. Here, they can effortlessly explore unrestricted landscapes alongside friends and fellow adventurers, as every movement in the real world is mirrored within this mesmerizing virtual universe, fostering an unprecedented level of engagement.

Yet, the road to realizing the potential of free roam VR has not been without its challenges. Existing solutions often come with exorbitant installation costs, deterring many potential enthusiasts. Cheaper alternatives, while more accessible, tend to compromise on the immersive experience. Additionally, most setups can accommodate only a limited number of players, restricting the possibilities for large-scale group interactions.

Determined to revolutionize the location-based VR mass market, Mr. Vasily Petrenko and Another World VR have taken a bold approach. They are focused on providing high-quality, swiftly assembled arenas at an affordable price, making the dream of free roam VR accessible to business owners and enthusiasts alike. Setting themselves apart from the competition, their arenas can accommodate up to 20 players simultaneously, fostering an environment of dynamic competition and collaboration. Picture the excitement of 20 players divided into teams, vying for victory and creating unforgettable experiences.

Among the remarkable array of games offered by Another World VR, one stands out: a groundbreaking innovation that expands the virtual space by sixfold. Despite physically sharing a room, players’ avatars are transported to six distinct floors within two towers, effectively extending the experience to an incredible 6000 square feet. This ingenious feature not only enhances immersion but also opens up new frontiers for exploration and interaction.

Since its inception in 2018, Another World VR has experienced phenomenal growth, boasting a library of nine captivating titles. Even in the face of global lockdowns in 2020, the company has consistently doubled its revenue and expanded its reach. Mr. Vasily Petrenko and his team have set their sights on an ambitious goal: to establish 1000 arenas worldwide by the end of 2026. This vision would transform Another World VR from mere VR arenas into VR “cinemas,” where the possibilities extend far beyond entertainment, encompassing training and educational experiences.

Driven by a desire to democratize high-quality VR, Another World VR has developed a product that empowers business owners with affordable access to their groundbreaking technology. By reducing barriers to entry, they are opening doors to VR arenas in cities big and small, ensuring that a wider audience can partake in the wonders of free roam VR. With Mr. Vasily Petrenko at the helm, the company’s mission is clear: to make the future of virtual reality available to all.

As Another World VR propels forward, it becomes evident that free roam VR is not merely a technological novelty; it represents a gateway to boundless possibilities. Imagination merges with reality, and the virtual becomes tangible within the expansive arenas curated by Mr. Vasily Petrenko and Another World VR. Step into this extraordinary reality, where the future is not a distant dream but an accessible realm for everyone to explore.