Ethan Duran, founder of Corsa Auto Rental in New York, has built one of the largest luxury rental car companies in the world. While it can be hard to stand out in a competitive market such as LA, Duran has combined the selling power of supercars with dedication, commitment, and business savvy to build an eight-figure business and establish himself as a leading player in an exclusive industry.

Duran was born in the Dominican Republic, but moved to New York with his family at a young age. By the age of eighteen, he had already established himself as a successful real estate agent and saved just enough money to purchase his first super car, a Lamborghini. At the time, he thought this purchase would bring him the happiness and fulfillment that his success as an agent hadn’t. He wasn’t wrong. This purchase would change the course of his life, just not in the way he imagined. “I was in a pretty bad place mentally, and I thought the car would make it better. It didn’t and just a few weeks after purchasing it, I realized that I really couldn’t afford to keep the car. I put it up for sale immediately.” Within a few days, he had an offer for his car. “The man told me he would buy it, but he preferred to rent it. He rented it from me for a few days and bought it back without any issue.” That weekend rental made Duran $4,000 dollars. Immediately, the wheels started turning. He realized that if he could do this one weekend with one car, he could definitely do it again and with more cars. This was a miracle moment in his life. Not only did he avoid having to sell his car, he turned it into a source of passive income.

Over the next few years, he continued renting his car and used the income to buy several more super cars to add to the fleet. He had found his dream business. “I had tried a clothing company, wholesaling real estate and failed. The only thing that I succeeded at was as a real estate agent, but I knew it wasn’t the career for me. I wanted to own something myself.” He would commit himself fully to the business and turn it into one of the most profitable car rental companies in the United States. While it was not an easy journey, he credits his success to commitment and to God. “First, I thank God. The first year I had no idea what I was doing, but he protected me from any serious troubles like accidents, negligence, improper insurance coverage and other issues specific to the industry. Secondly, I worked hard because I knew I could win and I had finally found my passion.”

While his dedication and faith are certainly crucial to his success, his desire to learn and always improve helped drive his business forward. Always looking to  improve himself and learn from his mistakes, he learned to implement systems and processes that allowed his business to scale quickly. “Automation is key. Everything in my business is either handled by my team, assistants, or online.” With these systems in place, he is able to focus on expanding the company, forming strategic partnerships and growing the brand. It also allows him to direct energy to other things that he is passionate about. While he certainly is successful and has no plans to slow down, he is also driven by a desire to give back to others. THrough his online program, he teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs how to find success in the supercar rental industry. Upon completion, he also gives his students access to his entire rental fleet to start their business. “That guy who rented my car for me changed my life. I want to give anyone who is serious the same opportunity.”

His approach to business has certainly paid off. At the young age of twenty four, his company is only five years old and already runs an annual revenue of over eight figures and he shows no signs of stopping.His students are also winning. With locations around the world, his success expands far beyond the achievement of Corsa Auto Rental. When asked what his next moves are, he stated that he is still looking to grow the company. “I would like to open more locations and be a billion dollar company in the coming years. I also want to build a supercar gallery with a display floor, bar, and restaurant to host all things supercars.” While some may view his success as extreme talent or a special gift, he believes that anyone that wants success for the right reasons will find it. “If you have a good idea, start early and be committed. The results will follow.”

Ethan Duran is the CEO and founder of Corsa Auto Rental, a leading luxury car rental group based in the United States. His company owns and rents almost a hundred supercars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and more. While he is fully committed to building his company, he does enjoy time traveling, connecting with his students, finding ways to inspire others, and of course, driving his fleet of supercars. If you are interested in learning more about Ethan Duran, you can follow him on his Instagram. You can also learn more about his company and how he serves his clients via their website.