VANCOUVER, BC – September 8, 2023 – CENTR Brands Corp. (“CENTR” or the “Company“) (CSE: CNTR, FRA: 303, OTC: CNTRF), a pioneering force in the functional wellness beverage industry, is proud to announce the launch of CENTR Enhanced on Amazon.com. CENTR Enhanced is a refreshing, ZERO calorie, non-CBD functional sparkling water aimed at enhancing gut health and cognitive performance.

CENTR product image on Amazon.com

Selling on Amazon will be CENTR Enhanced Clarity (caffeine-free) and CENTR Enhanced Focus (60mg of natural caffeine). According to SPINS 2023 Natural Channel data, shoppers continue to rally behind beverages that are positioned to boost and support key health aspects like mood support, immunity health and cognitive health. As individuals seek natural ways to enhance energy and overall well-being, the demand for functional wellness drinks on Amazon has seen significant growth. These beverages offer benefits such as improved gut health and cognitive performance. In fact, sales on Amazon.com for functional beverages have surpassed a staggering $46 million USD, reflecting the rapid growth and consumer interest in holistic solutions for well-being. 

“We are thrilled to launch CENTR Enhanced on Amazon.com,” said CENTR CEO, Arjan Chima. “CENTR Enhanced is formulated with science-backed ingredients that have been shown to enhance mood, boost brain function, reduce stress, improve quality of sleep, increase immune support, and support memory recall; benefits we know our amazon consumers are actively seeking and buying on the platform. Selling on Amazon has been an important milestone for CENTR” continues Mr. Chima. 


The Company anticipates the availability of its products on Amazon.com will provide increased visibility, convenient purchasing, and valuable customer data. Amazon serves as a potential conduit fueling expansion and growth in The Company’s CENTR Enhanced line-up.

CENTR Enhanced is the perfect choice for those looking to improve their cognitive performance. With its refreshing taste and natural ingredients, CENTR Enhanced is sure to become a favorite among health and wellness enthusiasts.

CENTR Enhanced Clarity and CENTR Enhanced Focus are now available on Amazon.com in 12-packs with free shipping for Prime members, as well as single cans at numerous retail locations across the United States.


About CENTR Brands Corp. 

CENTR Brands Corp. is one of North America’s leading functional wellness beverage companies dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. With a commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences, CENTR offers a range of functional wellness beverages that support individuals in their pursuit of balanced and healthy lifestyles. By leveraging innovative technology and embracing consumer-centric strategies, CENTR empowers customers to prioritize their well-being and discover the benefits of wellness beverages. 

The Company produces CENTR and CENTR Sugar Free, both sparkling, low calorie CBD beverages; CENTR Instant, a family of on-the-go, adaptogen-based CBD powders; and CENTR Enhanced, a refreshing, ZERO calorie, non-CBD, nootropic and adaptogen sparkling water incorporating a variety of science-backed ingredients. 

The Company’s ethos revolves around functional efficacy, exceptional flavor, and visual design that resonate with consumers seeking a well-rounded approach to wellness.

For more information on CENTR Brands visit www.findyourcentr.com or contact us at media@findyourcentr.com. Be sure to follow us on social media @findyourcentr. Consumers that do not yet have a local CENTR Brands retailer can visit our online store at: www.findyourcentr.com. The CENTR Brands app is now available for download on either the App store or Google Play store.