Dan Price, a native of Clearwater, Florida, continues to rule the tattoo business. High-end black and gray tattoo artist Dan travels everywhere. Dan stresses ensuring that his clients’ concepts are solidified during each engagement, in contrast to some artists prioritizing cash over relationships. “I like to connect with my clients on a deeper level than dollar signs and small talk. Some of the most important friendships and advice in my life have come from sitting with individuals for hours, sharing more than surface-level thoughts on life, business, etc., and seeing how much we all have in common at the end of the day.”

Dan spent his free time creating hip-hop tracks and sketching from when he was ten years old until he was 17. He spent a lot of time doing that, but it was unrelated to his concentration. He once crashed while driving too fast and lost all of his music. He soon began to pursue his work more seriously after this unfortunate event. He realized he had another gift he should work to use after losing his hard drive. Later, while still a college student, he would begin an apprenticeship in a local shop. He enrolled in school to acquire the necessary illustration abilities and methods, as well as a practical craft that he could use to advance his career. Early in his apprenticeship, he developed a liking for the arduous work of tattooing. “The different skill sets within, the freedoms and lifestyle that it could offer were very intriguing to me from where I came from. I wasn’t poor but also not well off at all, so it was a beacon of hope that I wouldn’t have to follow the corporate mold.”

Dan credits the inspiration behind his success to his mother. She single-handedly raised him on a middle-class income and put him through the best high school and college while working three jobs while trying to live her own life. Make sure to follow Dan Price on Instagram here.