Chris Avila is a professional sports chaplain that has served with the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Renegades and several professional individuals as well. For the last twenty years, Chris has shared the importance of living a purposeful life with athletes from middle school to the pros. Having dedicated his life to sharing the importance of forgiveness, purpose, and faith, he is now ready to share his knowledge and experience with the world. 

In 2000, Chris Avila started serving as a chaplain with the Oakland Raiders and served there for about twelve years. In 2013, he made the move to Texas. “One of my players got traded to the Dallas Cowboys and insisted that we should move to Texas. We visited and ended up staying.  Since moving to Texas, Avila has served as the chaplain for the Dallas Renegades college teams like Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University and many NFL players. As a chaplain, Chris is responsible for helping players with their personal development. Whether answering questions about faith, mentoring in relationships, or simply being a listening ear, Chris’s role is to help these players however he can. Why is this important? It helps these players to be more complete. “By developing their spiritual side, I enable them to be a more complete player.” With stronger relationships, fewer off field distractions, and a stronger sense of life purpose, these players become more responsible and effective.

Chris is forty-three now. After twenty-five years, he came to a startling realization. He could do so much more. When Covid-19 slowed down his travel, he took the time to write down his experiences and wisdom. “I’ve been teaching and sharing the same message for twenty yeras, I wanted to reach more people.” His book, Two Minute Warning: Time to Fight for What Matters Most, is full of practical life lessons and corresponding experiences from his life and career. 

Chris Avila’s goal for this book is simple. To share an inspirational challenge. “The time is NOW,” he says, “Fight for your relationship with God. Don’t wanna be great for something that won’t matter at the end of your life. Live to make a valuable impact on the world around you.”

Currently, Chris lives with Kristina and their three children in Fort Worth, Texas. He still serves as sports chaplain with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is passionate about sharing his faith with those around him. If you are interested in learning more about him, his work, or his new book, Two Minute Warning: Time to Fight for What Matters Most, follow the links below.

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