The White House Correspondents Association Dinner, an annual celebration of the First Amendment rights to free speech and free press in the US capital, will roast President Joe Biden. The event will take place at the Hilton Hotel, Washington D.C. where John Hinckley Jr. shot Ronald Reagan and almost killed him in 1981. Hollywood stars, Washington politicians, media representatives, and other notables will attend. Vice President Kamala Harris, 80, will also join Biden.

Last year, the dinner was shut down due to Covid-19 restrictions and former President Donald Trump’s boycott. This year, however, hundreds of people were turned away because the event was “completely sold-out.” Roy Wood Jr., a comedian, is scheduled to perform. Many jokes will be directed towards Biden, the journalists who cover him, as well as members of Congress.

The event will continue to be dominated by jokes, as in years past, and a famous comedian will perform. This event is to honor the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of speech and press. This is an important event on the social calendar of the US capital. President Joe Biden will take the heat, and then hit back with jokes.