Published on: Mar 6, 2024




Renowned musician Arlon Marambio is excited to announce the re-release of his song “When the Night Never Dies” which was released in Venezuela in 2020 as “You Better Surrender” and which reached number 1 in Rock on the Record Report. This The song is in collaboration with Jorge Spiteri and Jean Pierre Felce. This re-release marks a milestone in Marambio’s career, offering fans a renewed and exciting musical experience that is now available on Spotify.
The song alludes to classic rock from the era of the 60s and 70s. A time in which Jorge Spiteri was able to experience the Rock scene firsthand when he lived in London.
In Miami, Arlon met with drummer Anderson Quintero and bassist Lorenzo Barriendos, as well as Jorge Spiteri and JP Felce to record this song.
This entire project was possible thanks to the management of his manager Carlota Guillén, who is his pillar in his career as an artist.
The re-release of “When the Night Never Dies” is a testament to Arlon Marambio’s commitment to musical quality and creativity. Fans can expect an exciting and authentic listening experience that captures the essence of live music.