Published on: Mar 20, 2023

By: Carlos Camargo


Adrian Erazo, a prominent artisan born in Venezuela, but with a very fruitful career as a plastic artist and craftsman for the environment in Colombia, celebrates his success and career. Adrián Erazo recounts his achievements in which he has been distinguished with several awards and recognitions throughout his career, establishing himself as a reference in the world of craftsmanship and environmental commitment. Among the most notable achievements are: First Place in “El Pacífico Artesanal para Colombia” (July 2017). Awarded by the Fundación Pacífico en Acción (FUNPAC) of Buenaventura, this prestigious award recognizes Adrián Erazo’s excellence in art and crafts, highlighting his contribution to Colombia’s cultural heritage. Honorable Mention 2018 for “Ecological Education in Artisan Production”. The SI Buenaventura Corporation Foundation awarded Adrián Erazo an Honorable Mention in 2018 for his innovative and educational work that promotes ecological awareness in artisanal production. Added to these recognitions are: Golden Craftsmanship Award at the Dagua Pineapple Fair 2016. At the Artisanal and New Concepts Exhibition at the Dagua Pineapple Fair 2016, Adrián Erazo was awarded the prestigious “Golden Craftsmanship” award, recognizing his ability to merge tradition and creativity in his works. First Place in the “Pacific Artisans” Awards (July 2017) The Fundancestral Juanchaco Foundation recognized Adrian Erazo’s mastery by awarding him first place in the “Pacific Artisans” Awards, highlighting his contribution to the cultural enrichment of the region. First Place in the 2018 Buenaventura Artisan Contest. The Nueva Alternativa del Pacífico Foundation honored Adrián Erazo with first place in the 2018 Artisan Contest, recognizing his continued commitment to excellence in craftsmanship.

Ta, we must also add his talent for the creation of him as the author of the Manual “Crafts and Clean Movement.” It not only stands out for its artisanal skill, but also for its commitment to the environment. As author of the manual “Crafts and Clean Movement”, he shares his knowledge to encourage sustainable practices in crafts.

Adrian Erazo continues to be an inspiring leader in the Colombian craft scene, demonstrating that creativity and commitment to sustainability can go hand in hand. His legacy enriches Colombia’s artisanal culture and motivates others to follow his example.